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Bryanston Country Club, Thurs 1 Mar 2018

  • In November 2017, over 1,400 respondents told us which loyalty programmes are getting it right in terms of driving engagement and enhancing ROI.  Steve Burnstone of Eighty20 and Deon Olivier of Tritech Media will present the results of the 2017 Member Engagement Survey and discuss them together with a panel of SA’s leading loyalty practitioners.
  • And, which drivers of customer experience impact loyalty the most.  The lady who knows is Sarina De Beer, responsible for the Ask Afrika Orange Index.
  • Then three compelling case studies highlighting their best practices in action; Sorbet, VWSA and Roman’s Pizza.
  • And, would you like to know how messaging, AI and chatbots can revolutionise customer experience, Godfrey Parkin is SA’s expert, and his advice will be well worth listening to.
  • And, measures to ensure staff from different cultures live the brand at every customer touchpoint.
  • And, Sue Temple of Nielsen will talk about successful loyalty in convenience retail.


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08h30 – 09h05

Review of SA’s leading loyalty programmes 

Biennial research by Eighty20 and Tritech Media will highlight which programmes are getting it right in terms of driving customer engagement based on the findings from the latest Member Engagement Survey (2017)

Steve Burnstone, CEO, Eighty20


09h10 – 09h55

Panel – Four eminent loyalty practitioners debate the issues arising from the survey and respond to delegate questions     

Deon Olivier, Executive Director, Tritech Media

Dr Melanie van Rooy, Group Marketing Director, Dis-Chem

Fayelizabeth Foster, Head: Loyalty & Rewards Retails and Business Banking, Standard Bank SA

Charlene van Zyl, Head of Customer, Woolworths

Moderator; Steve Burnstone, CEO, Eighty20

10h00 – 10h40

Understanding the customer experience ecosystem to succeed in the age of the customer   

Which drivers of the experience impact loyalty the most, and best practices for establishing a disciplined system for customer understanding. A flexible data management system that provides a virtual single view of customer and advanced customer analytics across touch points and contexts. The Ask Afrika Orange Index provides examples of companies delivering consistent great customer experience across industries using data virtualization.

Sarina de Beer, MD, Ask Afrika


11h40 – 11h20 coffee & networking

10h20 – 11h55

The Soul of Sorbet: A Culture of Service

*  Culture is the holy grail of inspiring customer service

*  Servant Leadership: A leadership style that centres around serving the people who are serving the people

*  Insights into Sorbet’s culture of ‘people before profits’ and ‘service before reward’

Jade Fuhr-Kirkel, Marketing Manager, The Sorbet Group


12h00 – 12h35

The evolution of the Customer Centricity Strategy at VWSA from Customer Service to Customer Loyalty

*  Having Top Leadership drive the Customer Centricity Strategy is a key success factor.

*  Keeping up with changing customer trends and behaviours is essential for the success of the Customer Centricity Strategy.

*  Continuous innovation key to enhancing the customer experience.

Stefan Mecha, Sales & Marketing Director, VWSA


12h35 – 13h25 Lunch

13h25 – 14h00

Roman’s menu for superb customer service 

*  How Roman’s Pizza strives to deliver sustainable excellence in customer service levels

*  Why understanding what you are “BAD” at and being unapologetic about it can lead to excellent service levels

*  The importance of understanding the life time value of a customer to your organisation

Bonnie Cooper, CEO – BPD Advertising, CMO – Roman’s Pizza


14h05 – 14h40

Robo-CX: How messaging, AI and chatbots can revolutionize customer experiences  

Messaging and smart automation are exploding onto the social customer service scene, driving down response times and increasing customer satisfaction. How can your brand benefit from bots which deliver rapid customer service, concierge services, and virtual sales assistance? What’s really viable?

Godfrey Parkin, CEO, Britefire


14h45 – 15h15

Small is the new Big   

What’s behind the shopper preference for small stores, their behaviours and attitudes and how to capture shopper loyalty in these stores by leveraging our “success equation” to make sure you capture growth in this dynamic and fast growing retail sector

Sue Temple, VP Shopper Practice, Growth & Emerging Markets, Nielsen (x-Woolworths Australia -GM, Loyalty & Head, Strategy & Planning) & Another              


15h30 – 16h00

Measures to ensure staff from different cultures live the brand at every customer touchpoint

Paula Sartini, CEO, BrandQuantum

conference closes 16h00



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Bryanston Country Club, Jhb

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Thurs, 1 March 2018