Virtual Digital Medical Marketing Master Class, Tues 24 Mar

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Virtual Digital Marketing Master Class

Tues 24 March 2020

10 wise medical marketers will demo and explain their innovative best practices in reaching and engaging doctors, in an era where time pressure on doctors is materially reducing the effectiveness of traditional communication methodologies.  They are the cream of the crop and you will be greatly stimulated by being exposed to their thinking and practices. You will walk away with specific and proven ideas to enhance your communications to private sector doctors.

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08h25 – 09h00

What constitutes the new digital medical marketing mix

Peter understands very well the conservatism of doctors, the time pressures which increasingly precludes traditional rep and media communications, their unwillingness to waste time on puffery, their wish to access quickly current useful info, and he will appreciate how digital media and communications can facilitate.  And he will suggest principles governing how to optimise the reach and engagement of digital media and communications.

Peter Russell, Chief Commercial Officer, BrandMED (Pty) Ltd


09h05 – 09h40

How credible influencers gain the attention and respect of private doctors

* Influencer Marketing: A snapshot

* How to find the right influencers that will work for you

* How influencers can stimulate and then convert interest to engagement

Jeanine Rainier, Account Director, TILT


09h45 – 10h25

The Medical Marketing Mix

*Reader migration: A Generation Gap? From print to digital, the changes are due to reader preference and macro-economic factors. How this has affected communication in the medical sphere.

*Private doctors and public health care facilities in SA.  State of medicine in SA and how this affects marketing and communications.

Bruce Bayes, Founder & CEO of Siyaenza Marketing & Consulting


10h25 – 10h50 Coffee & Networking

10h50 – 11h25

Measuring brand health – relating to the 2019 IAB Social Content Survey

2019 SA Social Media Content Research objectives – interesting findings

*  Establish key preferred channels, tactics, objectives and measurements

*  Establish preferred content categories and identify key growth areas

*  Rank current content tools and how these preferences may change

How to conduct a brand health check

*  derived from a very useful blog published by Brand24

Terry Murphy, Publisher, Marketing Mix 


 11h30 – 12h05

Creating the internal marketing environment to optimise new age reach and engagement

Paul Miller, CEO, CIPLA


12h10 – 12h55

Using patient information to improve health outcomes and position brands  as leaders in a specific health area:

·         What are the core building blocks of relevant patient information

·         How to get this information in the hands of consumers: either via health care professional or direct to consumer

·         Measuring reach, reading time, repeat

Craig Killeen, Founder & CEO, Medinformer


12h55 – 13h45 Lunch

13h45 – 14h20

How is Video changing end to end sales, connections, education and networks

Sean has been behind the camera for the last 17 years as a Video Content Creator, and coming from a background of Art Direction in some of the top Agencies such as BBDO and Saatchi & Saatchi.  He will use case study snippets to demonstrate a more disruptive and innovative way of creating video content to boost engagement.

Sean Wilson-Smith, Founder, VIDR.


14h25 – 15h00

Critical legal issues about digital medical communications

*  The legal context of healthcare-related communications

*  Patients as consumers

*  The role of informed consent in communications by medical practitioners

Neil Kirby, Director and Head of the Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice Area, Werksmans Attorneys


15h05 -15h40

Marketers optimising digital self-diagnosis communications to influence patients and doctors

*  The role of informed consent in communications by medical practitioners

*  The future of family practice

*  New health technologies eg. genetics 3D printing, nanotechnology etc and its place in future medical practice

Dr Riaz Motara, Physician/Cardiologist


15h45 conference closes

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Date and Time

Tues 24 Mar 2020