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10th definitive annual briefing – cream of township marketers


Bryanston Country Club, Sandton – Thurs 10 & Fri 11 May 2018

The tenth annual briefing: Insights about the hidden tenant markets, it’s a big opportunity, we announce the Kasi Star Brand Awards and why they won; the rise of Kasi traditional foods; we interview the Director of SA Chefs Association; how peoples’ lifestyles and cultures influence their spending priorities; how brands can enhance black business women; a group of young people are interviewed about the impact of international trends and brands; we look at Black Twitter, WhatsApp, the power of music with fascinating case studies.  AND it’s now time to check the topics and speakers,  you’ll want to know what they know.


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08h25 – 09h20

Township tenants are a huge hidden target market – First ever survey of tenants who live in township shacks, and pay rent which means they earn money.

At least one in two households rent out shacks.  What are their disposable income priorities be they single or have family. And their cultural preferences.  Complementing the data are the experienced and astute insights of Lebo Motshegoa of Foshizi, a very authoritative and experienced black consumer research consultancy.

Lebo  Motshegoa, MD, Foshizi


09h25 – 10h05

Kasi Star Brand Awards 2018/2019 – announcing  the winning insights driving the winning brands

Sarina de Beer, Managing Director, Ask Afrika


10h05 -10h25 Coffee & Networking

10h25 – 11h00

How brands can leverage the incredible reach and engagement of Instant Messaging and Chat platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in township communities

*  Candy will review the expected announcements from Whats App about enhancing commercial communications, and she will include an appraisal of Facebook

*  Case studies; now now award winning campaigns

Candice Goodman, MD, Mobitainment


11h05 – 11h40

Communicating effectively with informal traders through understanding their history, their cultures, and the framework in which they operate

Sean Press, Spotong Magazine Publisher & CEO of Contact Media and Communications


11h45 – 12h20

Brands working with “people occasions” – Shisa nyama’s, street bashes, funerals, religious festivals

* Shisa nyama’s – individual entrepreneurs organising braai events

* Street bashes

* Funeral venues

* Religious festivals

Mpume Shange, MD, Expressive Through The Line


12h25 – 13h00

What are the different types of informal trade outlets that exists in the township? How do shoppers use them in relation to modern trade outlets? How can trade marketers optimise their distribution efforts and develop relevant point of sale marketing strategies within this space?

Jack Hlongwane, Senior Research Executive, Kantar TNS


13h00 – 13h50 Lunch

13h50 – 14h25

House music and how brands can benefit from its influential pop culture – house deejays, house music events

* House deejays and their influence on house music fans

* House music events and their reach (with emphasis to house music as a “crowd puller”)

* Case studies of brands that have partnered with house deejays & events.

Gopolang Mashigo, Project Manager, BE SALT


14h30 – 15h05

The Kasi @Home Shopper – homeowner preferences on furnishings, design and appliances, grocery planning and why they chooose formal or informal retail

* Shopper dynamics for the township home owner

* Shopper preferences in design, décor, appliances & furnishings,

* Household influences on shopping grocery planning and shopping

* Formal vs informal shopping behaviour in the vicinity of the home

Nancy Madikizela Austin, Marketing & Insights Manager, Minanawe Marketing


15h10 – 15h40

Spaza Entrepreneur Model for women in townships

Trevor Carty, Wealth & Strategy Director, IMBANI HRS (Pty) Ltd  & Jill Young, Corporate Fundamentals


15h30 conference closes



08h30 – 09h30

Kasi traditional foods in demand, and interview with Kabelo Segone, Chef Consultant, Director, South African Chefs Association

Promo info – “Over the last 10 years, with the growth of shopping centres and malls in most SA townships, there has also been a growth of major restaurant chains in these areas, giving township consumers access to a wide range of food choices, which they have readily embraced. However, that doesn’t mean a decline in the consumption of traditional foods. On the contrary, this is booming, especially with the growth of sophisticated township caterers, who cater for events such as weddings, funerals, tombstone unveilings and birthday parties. The SA Chef’s Association, sponsored by Lucky Star, has been running a 6 month Township Caterers’ training programme, to help take these caterers and their businesses to professional heights.”

Gill Mkhasibe, MD, The Mkhasibe Group


09h35 – 10h30

Impact of international trends and brands on young, upwardly mobile black professionals – on-stage focus group

*  LIVE focus group discussion on stage

Mokebe Thulo, Business Development and Marketing Manager, HDI Marketeers


10h30 – 10h50 coffee & networking

10h50 – 11h30

“The Power of Empathy” – walking a mile in the township consumers shoes – seeing what influences her

*  You will see and hear how peoples lifestyles and cultures impact their spending priorities

*  And definitive insights by Greg Potterton of Instant Grass

Greg Potterton, Founder, Instant Grass


11h35 – 12h10

Working with business women in the townships

Nanzala Mwaura, Head, Ipsos Connect


12h15 – 12h55

Alex viz Phola Malls – customizing promotions for local communities and harnessing the power of viral content

Matthew McCormick, Marketing and Project Development, McCormick Properties


12h55 – 13h40 lunch

13h45 – 14h20

Black Twitter is a cultural identity on the Twitter social network focused on issues of interest to the black community

Xolani Wiseman Sedibe - Creative Digital Strategist, Black Smoke Agency – Experiential Digital Marketing Agency


14h25 – 15h00

How culture mirrors mass behaviour and the importance of brands aligning

Siya Metane, MD, SlikourOnLife


15h05 – 15h40

Club 10 (Masscash) 400 taverns; customised marketing to build foot traffic and woo the tavern owners; opportunities for FMCG brands

Kit Platt, Merchandise Executive – Liquor, Jumbo (Masscash)


15h45 conference closes

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Bryanston Country Club, Sandton

Date and Time

Thurs 10 & Fri11 May