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Township Shopper Marketing Summit Western Cape – May 2015

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Township retail

- how to work with the malls
- questioning independent wholesalers and Spaza owners
- Stokvels, the money makes the effort worthwhile

and …

the next big developments impacting black shoppers

Culture is very cool
- Street culture and joining the nightlife
- Ten highest interest areas for black women

- Brilliant case studies demonstrating astute interpretations of lifestyle preferences

Definitive briefings based on feedback from hundreds of professional marketers who attend the annual conference and we have invited high performing marketing practitioners to give you their best insights and case studies.

Big 5 townships – Western Cape
- Scale and impact of infrastructure upgrades upon shopping patterns
- Transport upgrading – impacting travelling patterns and creating retail opportunities in the hubs
- Evolution of black dominated suburbs
- Mall development projections and impact on shopping patterns
- Appreciating cultural diversities and the impact on community marketing
- Home ownership growth impacting disposable income spending priorities
Kobus van der Vyver, Head of Urban-Econ’s Property Research Unit, Urban-Econ Development Economists

The Western Cape Township Shopper  - the latest view from the 2013 ROOTS survey focusing on:
Gugulethu, Khayalitsha, Mitchells Plain and the Cape Flats urban households
- Make up and demographics of the households and any relevant trends identified since 2010
- Household income contribution and LSM shifts
- Which Shopping malls they have visited past 3 months
- Where they are shopping for goods from Food to furniture.
- They view on entertainment – going for take outs, eating out, buying alcohol for the home or going to gym.
- Use of media with special reference to this markets use of the internet and mobile technology.
- Their contribution to financial obligations like funeral plans and stokvels – are they spending or not?
- How different is the WC Township shopper, comparing these key townships markets to other townships like Soweto, Umlazi and Soshanguve.
John Bowles, Joint MD, Newspaper Advertising Bureau (NAB)

Spaza and Township Life
Insights derived from TGI’s township research studies
Maria Petousis, TGI Director, Ask Afrika

New Spaza Retail – ask the independent wholesalers and independent Spaza owners
Gill will open with her usual compelling insights and then she will lead a panel discussion involving two leading independent wholesalers and two very prominent Spaza owners
- Working with entrepreneurial foreigners
- How to work with independent wholesalers
- Moslem influences and including cash and carries
- Facilitating credit and payments
- Promotions and merchandising – how to motivate the traders
- Do training programs really work
Gill Mkhasibe, CEO, The Mkhasibe Group

Changing commuting patterns and the resultant impact on shopping behaviours
- 25% of weekly top-ups happen within 5 minute walking distance from node
- More than 2/3rds of travellers purchase goods from hawkers
- Consumers are shopping more frequently using smaller basket sizes
- Smaller stores in more locations will lead to retail success
Jean Coetzee, General Manager Media Sales, Provantage

Township mall activation marketing; engaging target communities and the values that matter to them
Matthew McCormick, Marketing Director, McCormick Property Development & Director, McMedia

Our opinions about what really matters in township mall marketing
Gill Mkhasibe- CEO the Alternative Consultancy
Maria Petousis, TGI Director, Ask Afrika
Matthew McCormick, Marketing Director, McCormick Property Development & Director, McMedia

The black side of Social Media
Lebo Motshegoa, MD, Foshizi

Day Two

The ten highest interest areas for black/african women via FitG which reaches and engages women everyday
- Talk the talk : lifestyle values and the language which will engage the consumer
- How brands should communicate with the female market on a digital platform
- Understanding community diversities, lifestyle priorities, what’s “cool”
Khahliso Khohlooa, Director, FitG

Street culture and how to deploy a campaign that is both credible and cool
- Brands need to stop trying to attain a cool status
- Instead they need to focus on being credible
- Instant Grass will share a model detailing the 7 immutable laws of credibility
- We will demonstrate how these have worked for Nike, Capitec, Virgin et al
Greg Potterton, Owner, Instant Grass

Brands enjoying nightlife
- Don’t assume nightlife marketing is only a marketing space for alcoholic beverages
- Brand placement in unexpected settings can be a great conversation starter and can be easily recalled by consumers
- Brands should take advantage of the receptive frame of mind of consumers when enjoying the nightlife
Tracey Felicidade Jones, CEO, Brand Spanking Marketing

The secrets of effective Stokvel campaigns
- Stokvel market, key touch points.
- Stokvel market, communication tools.
- Geographical stokvel dynamics
Busi Skenjana, MD, BSK Marketing & Associates

Announcing results – style and beauty clothing research study, male and female blacks
- The power of advocacy or brand ambassadorship – how likely am I to purchase what my groups peers recommend me to buy
- build on the social identity of the individual and how the motivations shape what they buy, how they buy and where they buy
- Exploring clothes as an expression or extension of a culture
- What position and value do various store brands hold in various profiles
Jack Hlongwane, Independent Marketing Research Consultant

Causal Experiential Marketing in the Kasi
- Generating business for the Brand whilst creating positive societal change
- Case study references: Protex Bathroom Makeovers, Sanlam Takalani Roadshows, Trinco; Walk a mile in my shoes challenge
Rory Brien, CEO, Oomph Africa

Reaching & influencing township audiences with Connected Activation
- How society and the economy is changing the way we think
- Advances in technology and the impact thereof on insights
- How experience marketing becomes Connected Activation™
Wayne Flemming, MD, Live+ Agency

The power of Experiential Marketing  – Red Bull Case Study
- How to create awareness by getting a community excited and engaged with your brand.
- How a brand can generate content, and then amplify it through an experience.
- How executing a product within a peri-urban area promotes (a) brand coolness, and encourages relevance.
Koo Govender, CEO, VWV Group 



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Sunnyside Park Hotel, Parktown, Jhb

Date and Time

6 May 2015