Township Shopper Marketing 2017

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4 unique surveys announce their results and insights; complementary and compelling …


Bryanston Country Club, Sandton – Wed 29 & Thurs 30 Mar 2017

More authoritative and more useful than ever; now in its 9th year; 4 reputable research companies have timed their research programs to announce their results at this conference and to contribute their insights, complemented by expert panellists.  And we will be interviewing a very prominent Somali wholesaler, and we will be talking with the stokvels, and an on-stage young people focus group saying what they like and dislike about brand communications and then they’ll answer your questions.  And how brands can add value to special occasion marketing and join the social media chat – scroll down to read the full program.



08h30 – 09h30

Announcing multi township shopper channel survey – figures, trends and insights

*  What is getting bought, where, when and how in each channel

*  What influences these choices

*  How can brand and retailers enhance shopping experiences “Help me live better, understand my lifestyle challenges, how can you help me feed my family”

*  Siba’s Table  “The influence of TV Chef programs on rising LSM menus” (Siba Mtongane)

*  5 regions; Limpopo, Gauteng, KZN, East London and Cape Town and interviews from shack to upmarket dwellings

·  Role/usage of township malls versus suburban malls

·  Role of township/suburban major supermarket chains/spazas

·  Role of the informal sector – spazas/hawkers

·  Role of on-line shopping

Keynote speaker: Gill Mkhasibe, Co-owner, The Mkhasibe Group


Frans van der Colff, Independent Consultant (former‎ Director, Fruit & Veg City Africa and International)

Mamapudi Nkgadima, MD, African Response


09h35 – 10h10

09h20 – 09h55

Brands working with 50 Somali wholesalers, influencing 1,000s of spazas

*  Keynote by Abdirizak Ali Osman, Secretary General, Somali Community Board SA, advising brand marketers about the best ways to work with the wholesalers and to influence their spaza customers.  Be it adapting their product offerings, briefing spaza owners, the type of promotions which work best, be sensitive to cultural influences

*  Q&A led by Gill Mkhasibe and delegates will be encouraged to ask questions and gain the insights that matter

Amir Sheikh, Secretary General, Somali Community Board SA


10h00 – 10h35

Brands doing dope s**t

Siya, rap artist and businessman, will talk about brands that understand the urban culture.  With the use of his documentary he will demonstrate the collaboration between brands and the urban culture.

Siya Metane, MDr, SlikourOnLife


11h00 – 11h35

Survival spend priorities – megatrends shaping consumer behaviour

* Housing & urbanization

* Wages, the social wage and access to credit                                                                                

* Sources – latest survey data, including credit bureau and property market

- Small data: mystery shopping, in-depth interviews                                                                                            

Reut Agasi, Senior Consultant, Eighty20


11h40 – 12h15

Township Out of Home Media: Building Brands & Uplifting Township Communities

* Defining the Township Market and Consumer – The Growth Market

* Socio-Economic Dynamics in the Township Market that drive the Township Consumer

* Winning ways in how to engage the Township Consumer in the Township Market – Building Brands & Uplifting Communities

Kabelo Kale, MD, Keys Communications


13h10 – 13h45

Alexander Mall opening tomorrow; digital marketing at work

*  why and how we went local

*  whany and how we chose the content

*  how we engage target communities

Chris Cochrane, MD, Xpertek Contact

Raymond Buckle, CEO, SilverstoneCIS



13h50 – 14h50

Young people telling brands what’s good and what’s bad about their communications

Live focus group & then you can ask questions                                                                                                                          

The township millennial consumer — top trends you need to know to effectively communicate and engage
with them: Top five youth trends and how to make the best of them to engage with the sometimes “tough to get” millennial

Mokebe Thulo, Portfolio Manager, HDI Youth Marketeers


14h55 – 15h30

How brands can enhance township shopper experiences by applying design thinking? 

*  What shopper experience looks like in the township both in formal and informal channels

*  Why brand experience is becoming more important with township shoppers

*  Turning the Spaza shop owner into a brand ambassador

*  What can we learn from shoppers in Nigeria and Thailand

Bongani Chinkanda, Business & Strategy Director, Elevator


15h45 day 1 closes



08h15 – 09h05

Announcing The Kasi Star Brand 2016 winning brands  – the insights and Q&A

*  The Kasi Star Brand Survey by Ask Afrika is the largest of its kind in SA with 19 sectors, hundreds of product categories and thousands of brands included in the measurement

*  it’s the shifts in brand and category preferences that matter and WHY

Dr Amelia Richards, Associate Director, Ask Afrika


09h10 – 09h35


*   A look into the relationship between Data Costs and Social media usage.

*  What’s the next big thing ? : A look into the future of social media within the township.

Kwanele Nomoyi, Marketing Director, Black Smoke


09h40 – 10h15

KasiNomics -  Did you know …

*  That the muti market is worth R3 billion a year, with 27 million consumers?

*  That the average hawker earns R3 000 a month and there are nearly 500 000 of them!?

*  That Parmalat Cheese Slices have created a multi-million rand business in kotas?

GG Alcock, MD, Minanawe


10h15 – 10h45 coffee & networking


10h45 – 11h20

Brands chatting up cool township women

*  Creating relevance in commuications that encourage female shopper loyalty

Khahliso Khohlooa, MD, FitG ; Emerging Market Brand Communications


11h25 – 12h20

What Stokvels members want from brands

*  The focus seems to be on lowest price, how can brands add value.                                                                            

*  Brands optimising stokvels event – Big Do’s and Dont’s

Panel leader: Lindy Mataboge,  ‎Programme Manager, Wits WBS & Stokvel


Mamapudi Nkgadima, MD, African Response; Busi Skenjane, CEO, BSK Marketing; Mpume Shange, MD, Expressive Through the Line Agency


13h10 – 13h50

Special occasion marketing in the townships

*  What types of programs are welcome by church leadership and which ones are not (outcome from

engaging with the various Pastors)

*  Does the brand type and purpose matter (traditional events like Umabo, weddings, birthdays, bridal

showers, baby showers, parents school meetings)

*  Is it seen as ethical to feature brands in funerals

*  Brands using community occasions to empower community while maintaining their relevance

Mpume Shange, MD, Expressive Through The Line Agency


13h55 – 14h05

Money Matters Kushubile for the Mass Market Consumers – Research report just published

*  How do consumers get more bang for their buck

*  Why do they prefer certain brands and retailers

*  Financial coping mechanisms

*  Shopper behaviour key influencers

Lebo Motshegoa, CEO, Foshizi


14h10 – 14h45

“Doing Good, is Good Business” especially on Mobile

• Snapshot view of the local Mobile Landscape, particularly for the mass-market consumer

• What do we mean by “Doing Good, is Good Business” and why is it so important in South Africa, and what does it mean for marketers?

• Learning from a portfolio of award winning mobile campaigns from emerging markets and local case studies

Candy Goodman, MD, Mobitainment


14h55 – 15h30

The key to unlock Emerging Marketing Experiential

*  Effective emerging market experiential doens’t just speak to the brand – it speaks to the brand in relation to the consumer’s context

*  Dance-offs and freebies – understanding the 3 consumer type that your campaign will encounter

*  Points of pain

*  Grand-Pa’s understanding of communal head aches

*  At the heart of it – the immortal fan

*  Cleanliness is godliness

Cas Dreijer, Managing Partner, Be Salt


15h30 conference closes


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Bryanston Country Club, Sandton


Wed 29 & Thurs 30 March 2017