Township Marketing Opportunities 2023

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 webinar series 9th & 16th Nov ‘22

Lifestyle and personal disposable income priorities are continuously evolving, the mix of Covid and technology, the need to survive by lower LSMs and the rising middle class LSM 6+ whose spend will become more and more significant.  Reading the signals is the challenge for every marketer and we have selected speakers who have consistently demonstrated their competencies to adapt and prosper.

Compelling topics to stimulate your thinking about innovative opportunities for 2023.

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Week 1 – 9th Nov 22

08h10 – 08h40

KasiNomic Revolution explores the revolution taking place in the great marketplaces of the informal sector. The informal business sector is the next great frontier of Africa and it is undergoing an economic and technological evolution – a new world of small people doing big things, transforming the continent.

Michele Thackwray, Director, Amakonexin Marketing

in collaboration with GG Alcock, Kasinomics


08h45 – 09h15

Kasi Awards; the signals inspiring the winners to adapt so successfully

  • The middle class is rising fast in numbers and discretionary spend, psychosocial influences hugely influence them
  • Women adapt their family lifestyles because they have to find ways to survive and often through entrepreneurial activities
  • Gen Z, 16-34, about half the population – the guys are very aspirational, trend and technology conscious and – the girls, their aspirations and their lifestyle priorities keep evolving

Sarina de Beer, MD, Ask Afrika


09h20 – 09h50

High income Black consumers; who are they, where are they

Using spatial data to identify and engage high income Black consumers

Bob Currin, MD, AfricaScope SA


09h50 – 10h00 Comfort break

10h00 – 10h30

MacG Podcaster, 1 million+ upper income followers; what appeals to them, how can brands contribute and engage



10h35 – 11h05

Data insights into developing partnerships between brand suppliers and tier 2 and 3 retail

Dylan Piatti, MD Africa, Advantage Group


11h10 – 11h40

Innovative partnerships identifying and working with smart township entrepreneurs

Andre Lombaard, Customer Experience executive, Smollan


11h45 – 12h15

Spaza marketing initiatives – which ones to back 2023

Kabelo Keys, The Township Media Specialist


12h30 webinar closes


WEEK 2, 16th Nov

08h10 – 08h40

What makes Gen Z fall in love or out of love with a brand

Their front of mind thinking and opinions, the latest research from Student Village and then dialogue with 4 students who will answer your questions, an on stage focus group who will greatly influence you.

Ronen Aires, CEO, Student Village


08h45 – 09h10

Kasilicious -  Kasi food preferences and they are changing fast because they have to

How food is sustaining and lubricating social connections in the townships.

Jack Hlongwane, Account Manager, Kantar


09h15 – 09h50

Wellness and health; real food and lifestyle shifts

The rising township middle class can afford to care, but about what?  Lower LSMs what can they afford to care about?

Jacqui Le Sar, MD, Inperspective


09h50 – 10h00 Comfort break

 10h00 – 10h25

Cultural sensitivities influencing brand positioning and communications

Thato Tshabalala, Founder, Native Scope Holdings


10h30 – 10h55

LSMs are not enough, the variables that define target markets, leading to the optimum media mix

Louis Itumeleng Seeco, CEO, Elements


11h00 – 11h25

Niche markets evolving so quickly; customising communications and the offerings

Speaker being consulted


11h35 – 12h05

Growth hacking for marketers – 10 growth hacks likely to boost your numbers

Siya Metane, CEO, SlikourOnLife


12h15 webinar closes


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9th & 16th Nov ’22