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Sports Science Institute, Newlands, Cpt – Fri 27 Sept 2019

The insights you will gain;

• 2020 Definitive SA platform stats and trends

• Arthur’s global insights; CES Las Vegas, Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Dell Technologies World Las Vegas & global CEO interviews

• Fragmentation of the big social media channels into niche media

• Repositioning of Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp

• Rising platforms – what’s making them special

• Generation Fluid aka Generation Z – their psyche is radically different from millennials and they are the rising dominant generation

• Humanising segmentation methodologies

• The KPIs that matter

• Gaming; the ultimate engaging medium

AND our very authoritative panellists will give you their opinions about the latest platform announcements they think matter

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08h30 – 09h30

Announcing 2020 SA Social Media Data and Trends 

* Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn

* RISING 4: Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitch

Arthur Goldstuck, MD, World Wide Worx


09h35 – 10h15

Fragmentation of the big social media channels into niche media

*  end of Facebook as one size fits all

*  growth of messaging and decline of posting

*  sharper tailoring of value-added engagement

*  social media listening – personalising intelligence

Godfrey Parkin, CEO, Britefire


10h15 – 10h35 Coffee & networking

10h35 – 11h30


*  Arthur and Godfrey’s presentations

*  Latest platform announcements

*  Delegates Q&A

Sarah Utermark, Country Director, MMA SA – Panel leader

Scott Gray, Global Head of Experience Design, Virgin Active

Elizabeth Lee Ming, Client Partner @ Facebook

Kelvin Jonck, MD, YOUKNOW Digital


 11h35 – 12h10

What’s around the corner; Arthur’s insights from three international conferences and global CEO interviews;

- CES, Las Vegas

- Mobile World Congress, Barcelona

- Dell Technologies World Las Vegas

*  Interviews with CEOs of Netflix & Dell & CTOs of HP & Amazon, and others

Arthur Goldstuck, MD, World Wide Worx


12h15 – 12h50

The value of gaming and its ability to influence our consumers.

*  The culture of gaming and where the numbers are

*  Twitch TV and its role within the world of gaming

*  The difference between gaming and esports

*  How best to use gaming across digital platforms

Ryan McFadyen, Founder & Head of Strategy, HaveYouHeard


12h50 – 13h40 Lunch

13h40 – 14h15

How real segmentation should recognise psychological, spiritual and philosophical influences

*  How are audiences changing within a digital world?

*  Are we losing the human touch in a world where robots and machines dominate the conversation? Are we perpetuating social exclusion in a digital world?

*  How can we usefully segment audiences for impact digital and social media strategies that speak to different needs and behaviors

Sarina de Beer, Director Customer Experience, Ask Afrika


14h20 – 14h55

Measuring brand health – relating to 2019 IAB Social Media Content Survey

*  Please rank the social media ROI measurements used for 2018 and your expectations for 2019

*  For paid social campaigns please rank the importance of the following

Kelvin Jonck, MD, YOUKNOW Digital – Panel leader


Elizabeth Lee Ming, Client Partner @ Facebook

Heidi Ocker, Global Digital Marketing Manager, Virgin Active


15h00 – 15h35

Generation Fluid aka Generation Z -  what turns on, and what turns off, 15 million social activists

*  Millennials vs Generation Fluid

*  Blurring of physical and virtual

*  Multiple actions – the way of life

*  Innovative cross functional relationships

*  High unemployment rate – entrepreneurship

*  What does the future look like from a Generation Fluid point of view

Mike dos Santos, Strategic Director, Joe Public Shift

Kalliebree Keynerd, Head of Social Content, Joe Public Connect


15h50 conference closes

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Sports Science Centre, Newlands, Cpt

Date and Time

Friday, 27 Sept 2019