2021 Social Media SA Briefing, 10 Mar 2021

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2021 Social Media SA Briefing led by Arthur Goldstuck

Focusing on growth niches and gaining competitive advantage

Webinar – Wed, 10 March 2020

Major and rising platforms, data trends and the impacts of COVID-19.  Led by Arthur Goldstuck, this will be the 6th year of the definitive briefing for professional social media marketers.  Important sources include TGI with now now data and the 2020 SA Social Media Content Survey endorsed by the IAB SA.  AND we must talk about Tik Tok and WhatsApp, and we can conclude with Arthur’s analysis of the current major announcements. Radical lifestyle changes post Covid 19 impacting social media, latest research, from SA’s most influential lifestyle strategist.

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Announcing 2021 SA Social Media and Trends, and most importantly Arthur Goldstuck’s insights

Rise and rise of Tik Rok, WhatsApp, Twitch and ?

Announcing the IAB SA Social Content Survey results

·         To establish key preferred channels, tactics, objectives and measurements.

·         To establish current preferred content category and tools and how these preferences may change over the next 12 months.

·         To rank current content tools and how these preferences may change over the next 12 months. To identify and weight current issues impeding social content


·         Influencer marketing; rating key components and influencer categories

Lifestyle impacts on social media engagement post- COVID-19

The great influencer debate

*  latest influencer stats IAB SA Content Survey 2021

*  high performing social media SA influencers

*  the blogs that matter

*  the podcasts that engage

Township social media profiles

Generation Z – their world post- COVID-19

Latest important platform announcements – what do they mean for SA


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Date and Time

Wed 10 Mar 2021