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Bryanston Country Club, Thurs 20 & Fri 21 Sept

“Shopper marketing is changing more rapidly than ever before, fuelled by a potent mix of applied technology, product and distribution innovations, shifting consumer tastes and an increasing mobile, hyper-connected world”  Muhtar Kent, CEO, The Coca-Cola Company

AND the issues the speakers will address;
• Real time technology changing customer behaviour
• Personalised experience marketing materially enhancing engagement
• Lifestyle consumerism – changing customer habits and priorities
• Time sensitive convenience retail
• Social media activists; challenging traditional brand loyalty
• Generation Z; so demanding and so many of them
• When will we reach a true inflection point with e-commerce
• Creating the culture that is enticing to millennials and the next wave of youth

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08h20 – 09h00

Real time retail – the shape of things to come

*  Cost effective marketing

*  Establishing consolidated “value networks”

*  Experience marketing; the death of traditional brand loyalty

*  Appreciating the inter relationship of the new technologies impacting real time retail

Alistair Duff, Chief Innovation Officer, The Black Swan Theory Company South Africa 


09h05 – 09h45

EXPERIENCE is the new battleground powered by data & design

Why our attention needs to be creating extraordinary experiences in the digital and physical spaces.  Visual language of design matters more than ever, and data is becoming a universal raw material that needs to be understood and crated into something insightful

Wayne L Hull, MD, Accenture Digital, Africa


09h50 – 10h30

Staying relevant in the Amazon era where big data, real time precise decisions and very smart bots compete against your people, culture and systems 24 hours a day

*  The connected shopper is in charge

*  Intelligent data driving personalised marketing

*  And … the bots are coming

Dana Buys, CEO ,


10h30 – 11h00 Coffee & networking

11h00 – 11h40

Augmented and Virtual Reality – marketing up close and personal

A look at how augmented and virtual reality is taking marketing from the screen straight into the everyday lives of the consumer.

Maciek Dubla, Agency Brand Director, Liquorice ( Cpt) & Mandy Degener, Strategy Director, Liquorice (Jhb)


11h45 – 12h25

Small is big – rise and rise of convenience retail

*  Small is Big – What’s behind the shopper preference for small stores, their behaviours and attitudes and how to capture shopper loyalty in these stores by leveraging our “success stories”

Ailsa Wingfield, Executive Director, Nielsen


12h25 – 13h15 lunch

13h15- 13h55

Evolution of the spaza: from hole in the wall to wall street

* Evolution – spaza, spazarettes, cash & carry, midi wholesaler

* Disrupting wholesalers

* Disrupting retail

* The Somali phenomena

* The KasiNomic Revolution: This is the future

GG Alcock, CEO, Minanawe


14h00 – 14h40

The Physical Reboot : The experience renaissance in bricks and mortar retail

Designing engaging retail environments that align customer experience to needs, brand position and business objectives.

Adrian Morris, MD, The Design Partnership


14h45 – 15h30

What are the priorities and technologies SA marketers are focusing on over the next 4 years?  Discussion of results from a study compiled by Kantar in association with Marketing Mix

Panel from Kantar South Africa

15h30 Day 1  closes



08h15 – 08h55

Announcing 2018 online retail survey; 20%+ growth – + 10billion – who’s up & what’s up

Annual definitive briefing

Arthur Goldstuck, MD, World Wide Worx


09h00 – 09h35

When and why online retail will take off in SA – panel discussion

*  Impact of personalised marketing; shoppers increasing online purchases; brands launching private label products to protect profitability; brands expanding online marketing

Dylan Piatti, Retail Futurist, Deloitte

Arthur Goldstuck, MD, WWW

Dr Melanie van Rooy, Group Marketing Director, Dischem

09h40 – 10h40

Lifestyle consumerism; changing habits of a lifetime

*  Does food marketing need to make us fat; Impact of health and wellness on food categories and brands;  To what extent will lower LSMs adapt.

*  Organic everything to sustainability sourced

*  Plastic packaging; how numbered are its days

Jacqui Le Sar, MD, Inperspective


10h45 – 11h20

Tomorrow’s consumers today; Sunday Times Generation Next Study announces the insights from its latest Generation Z survey

*  Consider the great swath of youthful 8 – 23 year olds who are quickly taking over the world

Bongani Chinkanda, CEO, HDI Youth Marketeers (invited)

Mokebe Thulo, Business Development & Marketing Manager, HDI Youth Marketeers


11h25 – 11h50

The power of social media to hold brands to account – fake news perceptions

*  Communicating a truthful and transparent culture to staff and to customers

*  Recommend social media guidelines for staff and third parties

*  Consumers are interested in the provenance of the things they buy and the impact on the environment.

Noelene Bruton, Marketing Director, Tsogo Sun (invited)


11h55 – 12h30

Influencer marketing in a world of reducing trust in brands and fake news

*  24/7 convenient mobile driven information services allows customers to carefully appraise claims and advice, yet peer recommendations remain so strong

*  Brands being transparent about ‘paid’ influencers

Greg Potterton, MD, Instant Grass


12h30 – 13h30 Lunch

13h30 – 14h05

SA’s leading brand and retail transformers, who are they & what are they doing right

Sarina de Beer, MD, Ask Afrika


14h10 – 14h45

How to grow your category through an innovative mindset

*  Marrying internal entrepreneurs with key external influencers; the business model and very compelling case studies

Esti Prinsloo, Innovation Practice Director SA, Nielsen


14h50 – 15h25

Welcome to the age of IoT applications – directing customer conversations and real time operations

Tony Smallwood, Exec Head: IoT Sales Enablement, Vodacom IoT

15h30 conference closes


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Bryanston Country Club, Sandton

Date and Time

Thurs 20 & Fri 21 Sept