Shopper Path to Purchase Jhb 12&13Jul

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And the big themes
*  Lifestyle versus tightening discretionary income; innovative target market definitions, how to influence, what to focus on
*  Instore experiential linking with social media; winning case studies
*  Mobile and social media; awesomely engaging and cost effective; the latest best practices demonstrated



08h30 – 09h10

Brands stand out – breakthrough innovation

In the current economic situation your brand can still stand out on shelf and command a price premium if it meets an unmet need. Understanding how to successfully execute your innovation in store is the key to unlocking a true innovation’s full potential.

Esti Prinsloo, Director: Consumer Insights, The Nielsen Company South Africa


09h15 – 09h55

The subconscious shopper path to purchase – how consumer neuroscience technologies offer insight into the implicit consumer experience 

*  What is neuromarketing and how can it be applied to shopper marketing?

*  Consumer neuroscience in action, case studies and lessons learnt

*  Live demonstration of consumer neuroscience technologies – Mobile Eye-tracking Glasses, Galvanic Skin Response, Facial Coding

Mark Drummond, Co-founder, Neural Sense 


10h00 – 10h40

The Biggest Win in Retail

 *  Technology enablers that shed new light on the effectiveness of your trade investment

*   Evolving analytics to understand the Path to Purchase in-store

*  Critical success factors for winning activations

Jacqui Le Sar Fourie, MD, Inperspective


10h40 – 11h05 coffee & networking

11h05 – 11h45

Creating Smarter Malls: Integrated Thinking Driven by Digital & Data

*  Enhancing customer experience in malls to secure loyalty

*  Futureproofing shopping centre success through data analytics

*  Influencing the shopper journey through smart mall solutions

Greer Hogarth, Marketing & Communication Strategist, Primedia Unlimited Mall


11h50 – 12h30

Brands working with “people occasions”

*  Shisa nyama’s – individual entreprenuers organising braai events

*  Street bashes

*  Funeral venues

*  Religious festivals

Mpume Shange, CEO, Expressive Through the Line Agency


12h30 – 13h20 lunch

 13h20 – 14h00

Millennials want what they want, now – creating seamless experiences between digital and physical in-store

*  Insights led engagement beyond LSM

*  How to convert awareness into trial and finally loyalty

*  Measurable brand experiences, turning theatre into sales

Bianca Joynt, Business Unit Director,  Liquorice DigitasLBi


14h05 – 14h45

Your shopper is “always mobile”… so your marketing should be “mobile all-ways”:

We showcase the latest options in mobile marketing in South Africa from mobile advertising, promotions (competition mechanics), and platforms (USSD, voice, apps) to mobile rewards (airtime, cash and vouchers) and mobile innovation (data science and virtual and augmented reality) through case studies.

Candice Goodman, MD, Mobitainment; DMA’s Direct Marketer of the Year 2016


14h50 -15h30

Small Businesses: Big Data  

* In the age of machine learning the competitive risk posed by the large groups will surge

* Cloud Aggregation turns the data from lots of SMEs into Big Data

* The benefit of Cloud Aggregation will help drive the next wave technology in the SME and informal markets

Dana Buys, Founder and CEO,


15h30 conference closes



08h30 – 09h10

Disruptive marketing gets results:

  • 90/10  principal: How Social Media has changed the game for experiential.
  • Talka-what-aby? What’s more important, wagging tongues or ringing tills?
  • Snap out of it: Cool disruptive campaigns that work.
  • That warm fuzzy feeling: Unravelling universal human truths to your advantage

Cas Dreijer, Managing Partner, Be Salt


09h15 – 09h55

Digital Influence in Retail Performance Marketing

*  92% of sales happen offline so how do marketers leverage digital influence for sales in-store

*  #BuildingBusinessOnSocial best practice for retailers

*  How SMART use of audiences will help you grow your business

Craig Wight, Sales Director, Popimedia


10h00 – 10h40

Single moms lifestyle challenges and priorities

Shopping behavior

*  Decision making process

*  Financial matters

*  Absence of a male partner in her household

Lebo Motshegoa, MD, Foshizi


10h40 – 11h05 coffee & networking

 11h05 – 11h45

Retail theatre and how to engage, entertain and incentivise at point of purchase

*  Insights led engagement beyond LSM

*  How to convert awareness into trial and finally loyalty

*  Measurable brand experiences, turning theatre into sales

Bongani Chinkanda, Business & Strategy Director, Elevator


11h50 – 12h30

Brand marketing at work in the malls

*  The Landscape of low to mid income malls

*  Shopper trends impacting brands, retailers and property owners

*  The role of media in malls

*  The ability of media effect shopper conversion

*  Case Study

John Faia, GM MallAds™,  Provantage


12h30 – 13h30  Lunch

13h30 – 14h10

Using brand to craft meaningful retail experiences

*  How retail is an opportunity to showcase a brand’s purpose

*  How brand’s need to think differently to optimise the retail opportunity

*  How brands can support retailers in developing shopper experiences

Bruce Gourley , Strategist, Brand Union Africa


14h15 – 14h45

Personalisation – the key to unlocking customers – Data Driven Marketing

Richard Mullins, MD, Acceleration


14h50 – 15h30

Do retailers just want customers’ money, and anything more is just inconvenient

*  In an ever more demanding consumer centric world, are retailers really delivering or just paying lip service to customer service?

*  Do retailers care!

*  Is the bottom line the only objective?

*  When will SA consumers stand up?

*  How are we (consumers) being fooled or will retailer be exposed for there glib tricks in the end.

*  Some anecdotes.

Kevan Aspoas, CEO, Jupiter Drawing Room



Frans van der Colff, Consultant (x-Director, Fruit  Veg City Africa & International)

Karin Lombard-de Kock, Marketing Manager: Customer, Ackermans

Buster Pitt, Sales Director, Business Positioning Systems

MJ Khan, Group Online Media Manager, Sasol

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Bryanston Country Club, Sandton


Wed 12 Jul & Thurs 13 Jul