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Shopper Insights Sub-Sahara Africa 2015 : 18 March, Jhb

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Date: Wed 18 March, Jhb
Venue:    Sunnyside Park Hotel, Parktown, Jhb


Wednesday 18th March, Jhb

Who knows what about the rapidly evolving consumer/shopper markets across Sub-Sahara Africa

The focus will be on research studies, in terms of data derived insights, qualitative and quantitative

To what extent are there common denominators to facilitate multi-country marketing

The great challenge of customization, recognising cultural and linguistic influences

Appreciating consumer protection laws

A very busy one day briefing by very well-informed and reputable research consultants who really do understand Sub-Sahara Africa. It is worth checking the CVs of the speakers and the profiles of the companies, just click on the speaker’s name below.

Delegate Fee:   R3,950 (excl VAT) per delegate for the one day


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08h15   Welcome

O8h25 – 09h00
The top end premium shopper / consumer: combining data sources to provide new insights on Sub-Saharan realities
- What does the top end premium female target look like – as consumer and shopper?
- How is the sub-Saharan reality similar / different looking at Nigeria and Angola and specifically:
   - Living realities, shopping realities
   - Infrastructure realities
   - Social support structures
- Why is one source of data not enough?
- What is the implication for products and brands?
Yolande Croucamp, Client Services Director, Ask Africa

09h05 – 09h40
How globalisation is affecting Africa’s youth. The new direction of youth culture (and subcultures) on the continent
Through creating communities of trend spotters Instant Grass gives clients an opportunity to consult and collaborate with consumers.  We focus on FMCG, Alcohol, Mobile, Fashion & Beauty across primary markets including SA, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Angola and Cote D’Ivoire.  Some key lessons we’ve learnt include the importance of consumer trust in markets that are naturally suspicious of researchers and marketers, the importance of collaboration and the emergence of the consumer driven agenda. We are experiencing an unprecedented amount of change in the evolution of African values and it is up to us to keep up
Dali Tembo, Africa Business Director, Instant Grass

09h45 – 10h20
The impact of country specific demographic factors on consumer behaviour, with a focus on the retail industry
An assessment of how country specific demographic factors influence consumer behaviour, includes looking at how cultural differences impact food consumption as well as the retailing industry.  The presentation will also assess among others how infrastructural development is impacting retailer product range(s); for example, how electricity shortages can influence the type of products available as well as operating hours for retailers. Our core focus would be on the key countries we directly research within the Sub-Saharan African region: Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria and South Africa.
Ronald Mapiye, Research Analyst, Euromonitor International

10h20 – 10h45    Coffee and networking

10h45 – 11h20
Facing the African consumer: unmasking the myths on the low income
As researchers in Africa we see a focus on the emerging middle class in terms of understanding them as well as strategizing on how to meet their needs. This has left a knowledge gap on the low income consumers even though it is still the largest consumer group. This paper will focus on this segment – analysing some of the myths associated with them.
Nanzala Mwaura, Director, Key Account Management, IPSOS SA

11h25 – 12h00
It’s all about location – the changing face of retail in the emerging Sub-Sahara markets
- Location and distribution of the current retail offering
- Tenant groups present in different countries
- Major infrastructure interventions in these countries making opportunities more realizable
- What is the status of information readily available and what are the main information challenges
Kobus van der Vyver, Manager: Property Development Services, Urban-Econ

12h05 – 12h40
The changing shopper path to purchase: the role of mobile
The talk will look at the role of digital particularly mobile as an information, retail and payment platform vis a vis traditional channels. It will draw comparisons of the paths-to-purchase for developed markets versus typical sub-Saharan markets. The talk will end by looking at various barriers that inhibit shoppers from using mobile channels and proffer possible ways of optimising the use of mobile in the path to purchase.
Aggrey Maposa, Regional Director: Africa, Middle East & Mediterranean, TNS Connect

12h40 – 13h30 LUNCH

13h30 - 14h05
Retail performance marketing and rise of the me-tail consumer 

The end consumer has more choice than ever before. The retail consumer is fast becoming the Me-tail consumer, where they expect their customer journey to be tailored to them, and where their loyalty is being fiercely contested.

The key question is: “what techniques are available to continually and effectively engage with the me-tail consumer whilst maintaining an acceptable cost per acquisition?”
Stephen Newton, Founder New Markets, clicks2customers

14h10 -14h45
Emerging marketing insights – common and uncommon denominators across 9 countries
Astute insights from two Nielsen studies into emerging markets
Esti Prinsloo, Director: Consumer Insights, Nielsen Company
14h45 -14h55   Stretch Break

14h55 – 15h30
Be prepared – consumer protection and advertising laws
- Webber Wentzel had won the Sub-Sahara African Legal Advisor of the Year Award, from the Financial Times
- About 14 countries in Africa have some form or other of consumer protection legislation and marketers need to understand the implications, degree of conformity or non-conformity between countries, so that they can plan their marketing strategies accordingly
 - Laws affecting marketing and advertising, above and below the line, key priorities by country, the extent to which guidelines are available
Robby Coelho, Partner, Webber Wentzel

15h50 – Conference Closes

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Sunnyside Park Hotel, Parktown, Jhb

Date and Time

18 March Jhb