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ersonalised ‘experience’ digital marketing combatting brand value scepticism


Bryanston Country Club, Sandton – Thurs 7 & Fri 8 June


Creating a new approach to delivering customer experience in a world of increasing scepticism about traditional brand values means much more astute appreciation of the needs and lifestyle preferences of selected target groups. First challenge is how to select the target group. There is just so much data available, yes AI will be doing  a lot of analysis for us but we humans  have to know how to apply methodologies and read the signals so astutely.  We need to predict which industries, which categories, which products and which brands will be replaced.

That’s what this conference is all about, proven smart people reading signals and applying methodologies to influence the markets of choice. We are focusing on Millennials, but let’s not forget Generation Z, they are the next generation of discerning buyers and consumers.


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 DAY 1

09h40 – 09h20

Why cultural diversity matters, the dynamics leading to successful transcultural marketing

Nanzala Mwaura, Director Connect, Ipsos SA


09h25 – 10h10

The rise of the new African Millennial

*  The book Millennials Rising  in 2000 explored the idea that (in America) groups share qualities such as beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviors because of the time period when they grew up.

*  Does the Millennial generational moniker apply in Africa? And what are the beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviours that has shaped this black South African generation.

*  Millennials were born between 1981 and 1996 – who are they and do they share a common group identity?

*   Why South African millennials are Afripolitans and why they represent the future

GG Alcock, CEO, Minanawe


10h10 – 10h50 coffee & networking

10h50 – 11h30

Who are the Cape Coloureds of South Africa: brands need to appreciate how diverse ancestry strongly influences cultural behaviour preferences

Bonita Bachmann, MD, The Media Shop


11h35 – 12h15

The Kasi millennial: What influences their buying behaviour?

*  The complicated life of a millennial

*  What they look for in brands

*  Words from teachers, parents and lectures about the millennials

Lebo Motshegoa, MD, Foshizi


12h15 – 13h10 lunch

13h10 – 13h50

Millennial activism: marketers proactively addressing issues of social injustice and how they should influence social responsibility programs

*  Caring corporate ciitizenship

Noeleen Bruton, Marketing Director, Tsogo Sun


13h55 – 14h35

Millennial Divide; older millennials grew up with analogue and younger millennials employment prospects radically impacted by 2007/8 global financial crisis → compelling video interviews

The Millennial Market can be divided into those born before and those after 1989
There are two epochal past events that divide this market; the smartphone and the global financial crisis
We have reviewed contrasts in the following categories- Technology, economics, politics, social, cultural and marketing
The evidence proves that youth marketing strategies are not relevant to half the Millennial market

Greg Potterton, MD, Instant Grass


14h45 – 15h30

Reviewing how understanding the cultural dynamics of the four emerging major African markets (Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa) can lead to the development and more successful implementation of communications strategies that are results-driven.

Mimi Kalinda, MD, AfriCommunications Group

15h40 conference closes



08h30 – 09h10

The multiplier effect; Nielsen’s roadmap to reach and influence multicultural millennials:

*  Understanding how Millennials eat, sleep, live, work and play to inform your path to performance

*  How to REACH, RESONATE and get Millennials to RESPOND to your brand and marketing outreach

Ailsa Wingfield, Executive Director: Thought Leadership: Emerging Markets, Nielsen


09h15 – 09h50

How Sorbet creates the internal culture to inspire its staff and consequently its customers

Ian Fuhr, MD, The Sorbet Group


09h55 – 10h30

Afrilennials: An exploratory study revealing the psyche of  millennials with a focus on how brands can best market to this untapped market

‘*  Ubuntu tax – responsibility to held extended families

*  Risk averse when making big decisions

*  embracing tehnology change and innovation

* 24/7 conversations

Ronen Aires, MD, Student Village


10h30 – 10h50 Coffee

10h50 – 11h25

What the music industry can teach us about diversity

… it’s about being authentic and elevating culture through the richness of diversity

Siya Metane, MD, SlikourOnLife


11h30 – 12h05

Millennials impact on business and brands we should consider Macro to Micro

*  The reality of the millennial world

*  The impact of this on business segments (category killing)

*  The new perspective on brands (those that are liked and those that are under severe threat)

Alistair Duff, Chief Innovation Officer, The Black Swan Theory Company


12h10 – 12h50

A youth led business model that helps corporates innovate using the power of young people – An exciting Deloitte methodology

*  Harnessing “Springers”, millennial focussed to instigate innovative ideas relating to brand challenges

Neliswa  Fente, Founder, Springage by Deloitte


12h50 – 13h40 Lunch

13h40 – 14h20

Millennials: Actually, you look more like them, than they look like you.

Arye Kellman, Chief Creative Officer & Co-founder, TILT


14h25 – 15h25

Fast Track Transformation; creating the corporate culture to empathise with target cultural groups

Frans van der Colff , Former Director, Africa Trading Manager, Fruit & Veg City 

15h30 conference closes

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Bryanton Country Club

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Thurs 7 & Fri 8 June