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Marketing Disruptions 2018 – SA

 A unique briefing which will greatly influence your strategic planning;

organised by UCT Unilever Institute and Marketing Mix Conferences.

Sports Science Institute, Newlands, Cpt 8 Mar

Technology innovation is dominating, or should be, our business and consumer lives.  Reading the signals is critical to business survival.  We have developed a program of topics  and identified speakers who have consistently proven their ability to read signals and keep one step ahead of their competitors.  Each speaker will identify quick-win opportunities to stimulate your thinking and enhance your ROI.

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 08h20 – 09h00

Creating a disruptive marketing culture within your business – a model that will lead to greater ROI in an uncertain environment – 6 responses to current forces of change

*  Lowest-denominator strategy. Cost-cutting rather than innovation.

*   AI (Artificial Intelligence) to become the consumer of Big Data.

*   Micro-segmenting brought on by the digital age. Thinning markets require fatter segments.

*  Proliferation of marketing assets. Practical examples on how to think like an “Asset Manager”

rather than a “Content Creator”.

*  Smart Centralization. Marketers think that more agencies on their business means more

specialists. Actually, the opposite is true, you get fewer specialists and a poor quality strategic


*  Metrics that Matter Most. A new model for KPIs called the 3 fundamentals KPI

Wayne Bishop, MD, PHD Media (Jhb&Cpt)


09h05 – 09h45

Beyond traditional marketing > using technology and creative interpretation > Creating value for brands

The key focus areas for digital disruption is that it is not a marketing thing, it affects the entire business.

*  Usefulness – There are increased opportunities for brands to create a dialogue that consumers

feel is valuable, beyond the price point of the product and service they traditionally


*  The internet of things – Everything in time will be ‘connected’ allowing us to gain a wider set of

intelligence and behavioural data about the consumer.

*  Beyond marketing – Applying technology internally to drive business efficiencies.

*  The reality of data – The big buzzword that hasn’t yet returned the hype.

Pete Case, National Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy SA (Jhb & Cpt)


09h50 – 10h25

Breakthrough marketing – panel debate

*  Eminent marketers will comment on key points from the disruptive culture and technology briefings

Brenda Koorneef, Marketing Strategist (former Marketing Director, Tiger Brands) (Jhb & Cpt)

Andrew Plastow, General Manager, Duracell, A Berkshire Hathaway Company (Jhb & Cpt)


10h25 – 10h45 coffee & networking

 10h45 – 11h20

Increasing brand engagement through behavioural economics

*  The role of emotion in decision-making and brand engagement

*  Irrationality of consumers Vs rational marketing efforts

*  Dual system thinking and a new model for brand loyalty

Sarina de Beer, Ask Afrika (Jhb & Cpt)


11h25 – 12h05

The Age of the Afropolitan

*  Culture & its evolution and expression in modern behaviour

*  Community and its manifestation in modern group social behaviour

*  KasiNomics – economics of the streets, informal money streams

*  Social stratification – extremes of income, education, housing

*  The evolution of Language – Soshanguve, an African dialect?

*  An African Frenzy – the extreme pace of change & adoption of modern in an African way

GG Alcock, CEO & Author, Minanawe (Jhb & Cpt)


12h10 – 12h45

Social media disruption – live messaging and collaborative social moments – BE PREPARED

Five years after organic social media died and advertising took over, brands still pretend they are building relationships via posting. The data has always disagreed.

*  Users increasingly prefer real-time private messaging to asynchronous public social posting

*  Brands have to automate so they can hold individual conversations at scale

*  Chatbot messaging is personalised, conversational and real-time, and is now delivering serious value to brand sales, CRM teams,

and their customers

*  A customer service strategy seeking increased customer engagement and reduced costs has to have a chatbot messaging component

Godfrey Parkin, CEO, Britefire (Jhb & Cpt)                                                                                                              


12h45 – 13h35 lunch

 13h35 – 14h10

 Understanding – Understanding” Comprehend how consumers process information to create more effective communication

* 90/10 principal: How Social Media has changed the game for experiential.

* Talka-what-aby? What’s more important, wagging tongues, or ringing tills?

* Snap out of it: Cool disruptive campaigns that work.

* That warm fuzzy feeling: Unravelling universal human truths to your advantage

Cas Dreijr, MD, BE Salt (Topic confirmed) (Jhb  & Cpt)


14h15 – 14h50

Leveraging data and intelligence to define the target market and product offerings

*  In order to be successful it needs C-suite focus, attention and buy-in

*  It is about data, and how this informs insights and analytics

*  It is about your customer – customer centricity is a mindset, not a digital channel

*  It is a process, not a project

Roan Mackintosh, Business Director, Acceleration (Jhb & Cpt)


14h55 – 15h30

In these tough economic times how should we talk to our consumers to maintain category and brand relevance?

*  How are the economic pressures influencing purchasing behaviour and brand preferences?

*  What are the hidden opportunities and how can we utilise these effectively?

Esti Prinsloo, Consumer Research Director, AC Nielsen (Jhb & Cpt)                                                                          


Conference closes 15h30

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Sports Science Institute of SA, Newlands, Cpt

Date and Time

Thurs, 8 Mar 2018