Marketing Disruptions 2018-SA,Jhb,7Mar

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Marketing Disruptions 2018 – SA

 A unique briefing which will greatly influence your strategic planning;

organised by UCT Unilever Institute and Marketing Mix Conferences.

Bryanston Country Club, Sandton 7 Mar

Reading the signals is critical to business survival.  Technology innovation is dominating, or should be, our business and consumer lives.  This briefing will stimulate your innovative thinking about developing lower cost solutions while protecting profit margins.   We have developed a program of topics  and identified speakers who have consistently proven their ability to read signals and keep one step ahead of their competitors.  Each speaker will identify quick-win opportunities to stimulate your thinking and enhance your ROI.

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 08h20 – 09h00

Creating a disruptive marketing culture within your business – a model that will lead to greater ROI in an uncertain environment – 6 responses to current forces of change

*  Lowest-denominator strategy. Cost-cutting rather than innovation.

*   AI (Artificial Intelligence) to become the consumer of Big Data.

*   Micro-segmenting brought on by the digital age. Thinning markets require fatter segments.

*  Proliferation of marketing assets. Practical examples on how to think like an “Asset Manager” rather than a “Content Creator”.

*  Smart Centralization. Marketers think that more agencies on their business means more specialists. Actually, the opposite is true, you get fewer specialists and a poor quality strategic product.

*  Metrics that Matter Most. A new model for KPIs called the 3 fundamentals KPI

Wayne Bishop, MD, PHD Media


09h05 – 09h45

Beyond traditional marketing > using technology and creative interpretation > Creating value for brands

The key focus areas for digital disruption are that it is not a marketing thing, it affects the entire business.

*  Usefulness – There are increased opportunities for brands to create a dialogue that consumers feel is valuable, beyond the price point of the product and service they traditionally communicate.

*  The internet of things – Everything in time will be ‘connected’ allowing us to gain a wider set of intelligence and behavioural data about the consumer.

*  Beyond marketing – Applying technology internally to drive business efficiencies.

*  The reality of data – The big buzzword that hasn’t yet returned the hype.

Pete Case, National Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy SA


09h50 – 10h25

Breakthrough marketing – panel debate

*  Three eminent marketers will comment on key points from the disruptive culture and technology briefings

Brenda Koorneef, Marketing Strategist (former Marketing Director, Tiger Brands)

Andrew Plastow, General Manager, Duracell, A Berkshire Hathaway Company


10h25 – 10h45 coffee & networking

 10h45 – 11h20

Increasing brand engagement through behavioral economics

*  The role of emotion in decision-making and brand engagement

*  Irrationality of consumers Vs rational marketing efforts

*  Dual system thinking and a new model for brand loyalty

Sarina de Beer, Ask Afrika


11h25 – 12h05

The Age of the Afripolitan

*  Culture & its evolution and expression in modern behaviour

*  Community and its manifestation in modern group social behaviour

*  KasiNomics – economics of the streets, informal money streams

*  Social stratification – extremes of income, education, housing,

*  The evolution of Language – Soshanguve, an African dialect?

*  An African Frenzy – the extreme pace of change & adoption of modern in an African way,

GG Alcock, CEO & Author, Minanawe


12h10 – 12h45

Social media disruption – live messaging and collaborative social moments – BE PREPARED

Five years after organic social media died and advertising took over, brands still pretend they are building relationships via posting. The data has always disagreed.

*  Users increasingly prefer real-time private messaging to asynchronous public social posting

*  Brands have to automate so they can hold individual conversations at scale

*  Chatbot messaging is personalised, conversational and real-time, and is now delivering serious value to brand sales, CRM teams,  and their customers

*  A customer service strategy seeking increased customer engagement and reduced costs has to have a chatbot messaging component

Godfrey Parkin, CEO, Britefire


12h45 – 13h35 lunch

 13h35 – 14h10

Understanding – Understanding” Comprehend how consumers process information to create more effective communication

* 90/10 principal: How Social Media has changed the game for experiential.

* Talka-what-aby? What’s more important, wagging tongues, or ringing tills?

* Snap out of it: Cool disruptive campaigns that work.

* That warm fuzzy feeling: Unravelling universal human truths to your advantage

Cas Dreijr, MD, BE SALT


14h15 – 14h50

Leveraging data and intelligence to define the target market and product offerings

*  In order to be successful it needs C-suite focus, attention and buy-in

*  It is about data, and how this informs insights and analytics

*  It is about your customer – customer centricity is a mindset, not a digital app

*  It is a process, not a project

Roan Mackintosh, Business Director, Acceleration

14h55 – 15h30

In these tough economic times how should we talk to our consumers to maintain category and brand relevance?

*  How are the economic pressures influencing purchasing behaviour and brand preferences?

*  What are the hidden opportunities and how can we utilise these effectively?

Esti Prinsloo, Consumer Research Director, AC Nielsen

Conference closes 15h30

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Bryanston Country Club, Jhb

Date and Time

Wed, 7 Mar 2018