Digital Medical Marketing Master Class SA, Wed 21 Apr 21

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Webinar, 21 April 2021

Targeting professional medical marketers keen to appreciate how digital tech can complement and integrate with traditional marketing.  Check what the 76 delegates who learned so much from our 9 speakers during the webinar on 24 Mar 2020.  It’s fast track to market digital integration driving engagement with medical executives through directly relating to their interests and issues.  Lots of case studies highlighting the latest best practices.

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CIPLA – our experiences and key learning points in implementing integrated digital marketing transformation


Content management sources and techniques to engage target medical segments and how influential are influencers


15 tips to whip your website content into SEO shape; the role of digital health tools


Engaging clinic sisters, they have so much influence


The new representative; a respected intelligence collator and dispenser


Tele-medicine makes health care more accessible and what about 24/7 virtual medical assistants


5 customer engagement tech trends


How marketers can contribute to virtual medicine communications

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Wed 26 Apr 2021