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Cpt, Thurs 23 & Fri 24 Aug

 You will gain a well- informed appreciation of the essentials of Blockchain, the organisational considerations for structure, sourcing and governance processes.  The impacts of Blockchain on business, how to integrate with legacy, AI and IoT and the reality of the contemporary Token economy.  All this and more from the most informed independent Blockchain consultant in the US.


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Presented by Paul Tatro, Founder, Blockchain U Online and Author of “Blockchain Uchained”, an Amazon best seller


 Day 1

08h20 – 15h30

10h15 – 10h35 coffee & networking

13h00 – 13h40 lunch

15h30 Day 1 closes


What is Blockchain

1.      Definition – learn what a Blockchain is and how it works

2.      What Problem does Blockchain solve? Learn the impact on back-office systems.

3.      Learn the characteristics of a Public Blockchain

4.      Learn the characteristics of a Private Blockchain

5.      Advantages of Blockchain


How does Blockchain work

1.      Hashing and how it works with Blockchain.

2.      Find out about SHA256 hashing algorithm.

3.      What are Blocks?

4.      What makes a Blockchain?

5.      Learn how blocks are linked together and how they interact with each other in a Blockchain.

6.      How does the distributed network protect Blockchains?

7.      Using a distributed ledger and the power of a network of users gives advantages to the system never before available in computing.


Identity and transactions

1.      Digital Signature Definition

2.      Learn the differences and relationship between Signature (private) and Verification (public) Keys

3.      Understand the process flow of how keys are created and then used in the system to identify participants in a transaction

4.      Learn the benefits of Digital Signatures

5.      Follow the process for creating an example [Bitcoin] transaction on a Blockchain


Gaining Consensus

1.      What are the two general Consensus approaches?

2.      What are the four Elements of Consensus?

3.      What four competing objectives cause the need for different Consensus approaches?

4.      Learn how Proof of Work (PoW) works

5.      How is consensus gained in PoW?

6.      Learn how side branches happen and how to measure the longest branch.


Day 2

08h30  – 15h30

10h15 – 10h35 coffee & networking

13h00 – 13h40 lunch

15h30 Day 2 closes


Smart Contracts and Oracles

1.      What are Smart Contracts?

2.      What is an Oracle and why do Smart Contracts need them?

3.      Learn what are the different kinds of Oracles and how do they work?

4.      Paper contract vs. Smart Contract comparison

5.      Learn the process flow of how Smart Contracts work


Tokenization – Why do it?

1.      Learn what is Tokenization

2.      Understand the business benefits of Tokenization

3.      Learn the different types of tokens

4.      Learn the asset classes for tokenization and the considerations of each

5.      Learn the three types of token implementations

6.      Review Blockchain examples with the role that tokens play

7.      Understand the legal considerations with Tokens


Review of Popular Blockchains and Sample Use Cases for Blockchain 

1.      Understand why we are in Blockchain 3.0

2.      Learn the characteristics of the Bitcoin Blockchain?

3.      Learn the characteristics of the Ethereum Blockchain?

4.      Learn the characteristics of the HyperLedger Blockchain?

5.      Learn the characteristics of the Ripple Blockchain?

6.      Review an accounting application and see how these types of applications are impacted by Blockchain

7.      Review a data notary application and see how these types of applications are impacted by Blockchain

8.      How can Blockchain impact the Internet of Things (IOT) [includes video]


Management Considerations and the Future of Blockchain

1.      Challenges for Blockchain going forward

2.      What Blockchain Isn’t

3.      Learn the decision points for deciding on using a Blockchain or not

4.      Learn why Blockchain is not a technology play

5.      Putting together a Blockchain strategy

6.      Consider a skunk-works project – NOW!

7.      Changing role of the CIO

8.      Dealing with the “Network Effect”

9.      Potential impact on your target marketplace


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Thurs 23 & Fri 24 Aug