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Bryanston Country Club, Sandton – Tues, 3 July 2018

Shocking how many entries for the effective content strategy category in the 2017 WARC Awards relied on an insight that came from nowhere” ~ Rob Isaacs, Head of Content at Lucky Generals and judge for the 2017 WARC Content Awards

Customer centricity driven by AI data analysis both stimulating creative content and generating content will transform content marketing and hence it’s a big focus of the conference. Another interesting area is augmented reality, has its day arrived.

Our winning speakers will present a galaxy of case studies, highlighting the key learning points and commenting on how and when they see  AI adding value. “Content marketing is like a first date, if all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date”.

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08h40 – 09h25

Adding AI and predictive analytics to your customer first strategy

*  Answering the most frequently asked questions about AI and content management

*  Reviewing AI content enhancing tools; Wordsmith, Quill, Hemingway, Boomtrain, Optimove & IBM Watson

*  “Shocking how many entries for the effective content strategy category in the 2017 WARC Awards relied on an insight that came from nowhere”

Carmen Murray, Tech Visionary & Founder, Boo Yah


09h30 – 10h15

Conversational commerce – enhancing customer experiences 24/7 with a digital-future strategy.

“Alexa, plan Friday’s dinner party. You know my friends better than I do, so create a menu they will all enjoy, and order the ingredients.” Later this year, when each customer’s shopperbot talks to your sellerbot – taking customers and ecommerce sites out of the buying decision – how does the role of marketing adapt? Does content become context, and SEO become AIO? Are you ready for when AI, voice interfaces, IoT, chatbots, NLP, conversational payments and situational personalisation become the new normal? What new skills and tools do marketers need? Where to begin?

Godfrey Parkin, CEO, Britefire


10h15 – 10h35 Coffee & Networking

10h35 – 11h10

The role of augmented reality and automation in building an omni-channel customer experience.  Case study best practice experiences

AI learns and develops around what people do and how they do it whereas automation is really around the communication side so that responses and conversations etc are automated to make things more efficient.

Mandy Degener, Strategy Director, Liquorice


11h15 – 11h50

Oh dear! Content that got brands into hot water.  Case study on success, failures and opportuities – what works, what doesn’t and why

Sheena Kretzmer, MD, The Social Local


11h55 – 12h30

Game of Thrones; rich with lessons about optimising content strategies and engaging fans daily

*  Game of Thrones is rich with lessons for Content Marketers to both optimise their content strategies and engage with their fans on a daily basis. To put it in perspective; the total number of posts during the Premiere was 176,017, with a total reach of over 1 billion. That was generated in just under an hour of the show running and these stats have grown as the show has continued.

*  What can Content Marketers learn from this? Well, there are a few valuable lessons that can be taken from the show

Dirk Visser, Head of Social Media and Innovation, CBR Marketing Solutions


12h30 – 13h20 Lunch

13h20 – 13h55

Black Twitter: Connecting with the untapped “unpredictable & disruptive” youth market in SA via mobile advertising

Building Chatbots that can connect with the progressive African millennial consumer(Unpredictable & Disruptive) On Facebook Messenger and other platforms.

Xolani Wiseman Sedibe, Creative Digital Strategist, Black Smoke Agency


14h00- 14h35

How music has influenced conversations that have influenced commerce/marketing – Siya Metane founded SlikourOnLife, one of the biggest music and urban culture website in SA

*  How brands try but don’t always get it right; I’ll explain why and the solutions and give examples

**Superbalist; Artists Brands; Coca-Cola

*  Siya creates engaging influencer content for brands to support their strategy on digital

Siya Metane, MD, SlikourOnLife


14h40 – 15h15

How brands can leverage off blogs and podcasts hosted by influencers who have intimate relationships with their followers and can influence them to spread the word about buying brand products

Gopolang Themba, Associate, BE SALT


15h30 conference closes

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Bryanston Country Club, Sandton

Date and Time

Tues, 3 July 2018