15th Annual Township Marketing Summit Series Mar 2022

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15th annual Township Marketing Summit Webinar Series March 2022

Standard delegate rate R5,750 excl vat – full series

  • The Social Marketing Mix – best practices at work – 16 March 2022
  • Innovative Community Marketing Part 1 – 23 March 2022
  • Innovative Community Marketing Part 2 – 30 March 2022

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The social marketing mix – best practices at work: 16 Mar 2022

08h10 – 08h40

Social consumer intelligence – appraising and positioning social engagement channels

  • Big platform niche offerings; which ones really matter
  • Rising social media channels and why
  • Messaging media is still potent
  • Generation Z – which channels are really cool
  • The measurements that we prefer

Dashni Vilakazi, MD, Media Shop

 08h45 – 09h10

#TikTok Made Me Buy It – The explosive growth of community commerce on TikTok

TikTok has revolutionised the way consumers engage with brands and has collapsed the entire purchase funnel.   On TikTok, it only takes 10 to 15 seconds to introduce millions of people to a product or brand. Brand building and conversion now take place in one place.

This session will dive into…

  • the accelerated marketing funnel
  • flawsome content and why unfiltered reality is winning with consumers
  • TikTok Shopping and opportunities to for advertisers

Julian Jordaan, CEO, 365 Digital

09h15 – 09h40

What’s up with WhatsApp? And other tech tools to reach your mobile audience

  • Recipe for Hot Kasi Take-aways: We explore the ingredients needed and the best methods in conversational and video marketing
  • Showcase the latest news that may affect your WhatsApp Business platform, inspire its innovation with local use cases, and explore other opportunities that are one click away!

Candice Goodman, MD, Mobitainment

09h45 – 10h10

Township talks Instagram

Ryan Mcfadyen, Co-founder and Head of Global Strategy (invited)

10h10 – 10h20 comfort break

10h20 – 10h45

YouTube | Algorithm, Analytics, Content, and Features

YouTube is incredibly powerful. It’s not feed-based, it’s linked to a search engine, it’s a community-building platform and it is constantly bringing out new features to delight audiences. But brands aren’t seeing the return and don’t know where to place the platform. In this presentation, we’ll show you where it can fit in and how to drive success.

You will learn more about:

  • An overview of the platform and features
  • A look into the newest addition, YouTube Shorts
  • Communities online – being consistent with high-value content – content marketing
  • Advertising formats
  • What makes good YouTube content

Danilo Acquisto, CEO, Special Effects Media South Africa

 10h50 – 11h15

For us; By us – it’s the new engagement model of the future

‘Sellers of everything from floor tiles to handbags and even consumer packaged goods are discovering the value of letting customers be part of the NPD process and ultimately create their own unique products and services. Retailers have been using Big Data to present a personalised set of products to customers for some time however, brands are now taking this human-centered design approach one big step forward into mass customisation. The future successes of business will partly be hinged on their ability to elevate customer loyalty and engagement—using their customer base as an engine for innovation and advocacy.’

Dali Tembo, CEO, The Culture Foundry Co

11h15 – 11h45

TheWifeShowmax: A Local Success Story for Subscription Video On Demand

South African stories told by South Africans are helping drive growth on SVOD platforms. This is most evident when looking at Dudu Busani-Dube’s ever popular Hlomu book series which has recently been adapted for the small screen. We take a look at the dynamics and nuances that make this show so popular within the black middle class.

Noah Makholwa, Digital Manager, NielsenNoah Makholwa, Digital Manager, Nielsen 

 12h00 closes

Innovative Community Marketing Part 1: 23 Mar 2022

08h10 – 08h45

Top township awards 2022 – KASI Awards

  • Hot off the press, how the winning brands are adapting their offerings and customising their communications to reach and engage township shoppers

Sarina de Beer, MD, AskAfrika

 08h50 – 09h20

Your friendly neighbourhood  brand – tech-savvy Generation Z

There is a trend of artists thinking outside the box, and having the backing of established brands to do so is my favourite and hope it continues long after 2021.  Independent electronic DJ and producer Muzi is a prime example of this.  Teaming up with Jagermeister and DEAD, Muzi created a clothing range that fed into the general worker narrative of his Stimela SeGolide EP, in the lead-up to its drop.  The four-day pop-up shop in Braamfontein was a great way to support the EP’s release by creating original apparel.

Tecla Ciolfi, Founder & Editor, Texx and the City/ Director, Unicorn Media

09h25 – 09h55

Brands relating to the spaza ladder; customising for the right step

  • Needs of different types of Spaza shops
  • How brands can leverage working with Informal businesses regardless of their size
  • One size DOESN’T fit all

Brian Makwaiba, CEO, Vuleka Platform  

09h55 – 10h05 Comfort Break

10h05 – 10h35

Independent and Main Market customer engagement – huge reach; huge engagement

  • Delivering instant gratification rewards to members, while simultaneously gathering detailed shopper data and insights on customer behaviour.
  • Utilising “last mile” engagement to drive customer “pull” for brands
  •  Dynamic and integrated point of sale; see best practices in action

Andrew Weinberg, CEO, Retail Engage

10h40 – 11h10

Why big brands need to invest in the township music economy

- Kasi slanted millennials and Generation Y are actively creating the music which backtracks many of the marketing campaigns.

- Kasi music legitimised brands through a unique brand PR.

- Locally owned brands are leveraging their insights to resonate with the very same market that they grew up in.

Thato Tshabalala, Founder/CEO, Native Scope Communication

11h15 – 11h45

The Importance of Customer-Centric Marketing – building long lasting relationships

Customer-centric marketing gives businesses a competitive edge, improves longevity, and helps to build stronger, long-lasting relationships. We will discuss why it’s important and share some tips on how to drive customer-centricity in your marketing campaigns.

Karyn Strybos, Marketing Manager, Everlytic

 11h45 – 11h55 Comfort break

12h00 – 12h30

SA’s townships: quo vadis podcasts?

  • MacG’s “Podcast & Chill typically attracts 1-million viewers for a single episode (eat that traditional radio and TV)
  • “We listen through SoundCloud and Audio Mack, and Spotify ….”
  • “What I enjoy about podcasting is that everything is alive.  It’s an ongoing conversation, and it’s genuine,” says Shaun Tha Don who is a rapper with the IMK crew in Langa.

Jon Savage, Founder, inBroadcasting

Innovative Community Marketing Part 2: 30 Mar 2022

 08h10 – 08h40

Would you elect this brand?

A fascinating analysis of brands adapting positioning and content to now-now election themes; before, during, and after

Kabelo Ncholo, CEO, Yourself Management (Y Brand)

08h45 – 09h15

Shopping mall trade areas – a looking glass into township consumer behaviour

  • AfricaScope SA is the geospatial partner of the Market Research Foundation (MRF) and brings a new dimension to consumer data through the geocoding of the Marketing All Product Survey (MAPS)  to create GeoMAPS.
  • 22 categories of questions from demographics, income, psychographics, finance, loyalty, household expenses.

Craig Schwabe, Director, AfricaScope SA

09h20 – 09h50

Centurion Mall’s breakthrough winning digital strategy case study

  • “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backward to the technology”, that’s what Steve Jobs said, and that’s what we’ve done
  • Customer Care – wherever, whenever on the customer’s platform of choice
  • Updating customer info now-now; technology really helps

Susanmarie Auret, National Marketing & PR Executive, Word4Word Marketing (Pty) Ltd

09h50 – 10h00 Comfort Break

10h00 – 10h30

Yebo Fresh: how this e-commerce platform works with brands, township retail stores, and communities to unlock value, growth and unique insights for all involved.  

  • Building sustainable relationships with traders
  • Involving stores and brands in food relief showcase
  • Brand sampling and data collection showcase

Jessica Boonstra, CEO, YEBO Fresh

10h35 – 11h05

Changing community behaviour within the township space using advertising that is measurable

  • How to engage target community groups within a specific location
  • Drive feet into local retailers
  • Get winning analytics and insights

Leigh O’Mahoney, MD, Mamela Media

11h10 – 11h40

Township mobile gaming is hot; how brands can engage and add value

Perfect Zikhali, MD, Ekasi Esports (invited )

Close 11h45


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