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  • Wed, 31 Mar 2021   -  LATEST FMCG & RETAIL – stats and insights
  • Wed, 28 April 2021 – STRATEGIC OPPORTUNITIES
  • Wed, 12 May 2021    – TOWNSHIP MEDIA MIX
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LATEST FMCG & RETAIL – stats, insights & opportunities - Wed, 31 Mar ‘21

08h00 – 0810


Terry Murphy, Publisher, Marketing Mix



Township marketing – adapting to the COVID-19 world

  • Impact of Covid and future trends in the kasi retail sectors of:
    • Kasi Fast Food Outlets
    • Spaza / spazarette, wholesaler sector,
    • Hawker and table tops
    • The opportunities and growth of delivery and online
    • Local, Neighbourhood and Convenience in the kasi, why this is the future

GG Alcock, Informal Sector Strategist & Author Kasinomics & Kasinomic Revolution


08h45 – 09h20

COVID-19 impact upon spazas; rise and rise of the Ethiopians

  • Changing spaza ownership profile; over last 5 years
  • Somalians evolving towards the Malls
  • Ethiopians integrating with local communities; walk-in stores creating important POS
  • Brands customising product offerings and communications to meet spaza needs
  • Wholesalers; key conduit to spazas and brands appreciating Muslim and Christian sensitivities
  • Cpt thugduggery; the gang’s rule

Gill Mkhasibe, MD, The Mkhasibe Group


09h25 -09h55

The questions you want answers to – interview with Abdirizak Ali Osman, secretary general of the Somali Community Board of South Africa led by GG Alcock and Gill Mkhasibe

Specimen questions:

  • What makes the immigrant spaza successful and offer such good prices
  • How do immigrant spazas gain consumer loyalty
  • What will the immigrant sector look like in 5/10 years hence
  • How does the spaza sector add value to the township consumer & economy
  • Should brands appoint Somali and Ethiopian reps; they talk the language and they know the cultures
  • Brands working with spazas/wholesaler groups
  • Growth of private labels
  • Consumer demand driving spaza preferences
  • Cash is still king; for how much longer
  • Spaza/hawker entrepreneurial hubs within the malls
  • How to keep track of the specials
  • Coping with ‘thugduggery’

GG Alcock, Informal Sector Strategist & Gill Mkhasibe, MD, The Mkhasibe Group


10h00 -10h30

Community marketing at work – Tembisa Mall case study

A showcase of best marketing practices customised for target community groupings, and hosting local entrepreneurs in our malls – we have learned a lot

Matthew McCormick, Head: Marketing, Exemplar/ McCormick Property Development

10h35 closes


08h00 – 08h10


Terry Murphy, Publisher, Marketing Mix


08h10 – 08h40

Cultural sensitivities, the right themes, the right images, the right languages

  • Advertising and branding is not made of themes, images, colours and words; it is made of culture.
  • Brands enter the abyss as they battle advertising clutter and looking to effectively communicate with targeted audiences. The choice of the right themes, the right images, the right languages is at the centre of what makes or breaks a campaign

Louis Itumeleng Seeco, CEO, Elements


08h45 – 09h15

Brand loyalty in the eye of the Kasi consumer

Key insights from the 2020/2021 Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brands benchmark:

The township market as a collective is one of the biggest markets especially with regards to consumption in our country.

With no clear Covid-19 end in sight, brands need to best understand how consumers are changing, especially to optimally adapt to new spending abilities, shopping behaviours and loyalty.

Sarina de Beer, Director, Ask Afrika


09h20 -09h50

Generation Z – adapting to the dynamics of a very demanding and skeptical target group – tomorrow’s primary market

  • The Culture Foundry Co has conducted a fresh research project that set out to fully unpack, understand and provide actionable insights into the fascinating and paradoxical characteristics that make up the next generation of trend setters, Gen Z.
  • Pairing a global perspective with local nuances, the project takes you on a tour of SA’s Gen Z mindset to help you stay ahead of the latest values and behaviours shifting youth culture as we know it.

Khutso Magabe, New Business Executive, The Culture Foundry Co

09h55 – 10h25

Tips and tricks on using gamification to uplift participation, stickiness and positively earned relationships

  • New ways of connecting with your target audience to uplift your brand’s visibility and audience participation
  • Simple engagement mechanics that stimulate your audience to repeatedly engage with your brand

Dave Sidenberg, CEO, BMI Sport Info


10h30 closes


08h00 – 08h10


Terry Murphy, Publisher, Marketing Mix

08h10 – 08h35

Townships cultural dynamics that brand needs to be aware of

  • Top 10 townships.
  • Key development influencing consumer demand and location.
  • Township communications needs.

Kabelo Ncholo, CEO, Yourself Management


08h40 – 09h05

Customising marketing for 100 rural frontier towns

  • Opportunities for demand and growth definitely exist amongst South Africa’s people with little or no money, but building winning brands is not easy in this market of people living with less than R5000 personal income a month.
  • Many brands have failed to grow in this emerging market, because the marketing strategies previously employed have treated this market as one monolithic group. People in rural areas have one thing in common – little money – but that’s about it.
  • Finding a niche in the sea of exclusion amongst South Africa’s bottom of the pyramid could make a big difference for your brand and the community it serves.
  • Kantar provides a point of view on how brands can build a competitive advantage in the emerging market and grow brands that not only satisfy needs, but deliver on value, trust and purpose.

Jack Hlongwane, Business Development Manager, Kantar


09h10 – 09h35

Changing demographics favouring township economics, latest research, brands need to reposition priorities

  • Emerging wellness trends unfolding within informal retail are influenced as much by consumer needs as they are by disposable income
  • Food trends in the township environment go hand-in-hand with lifestyle changes, influenced by macro-environmental factors, with convenience being a key theme
  • Beauty trends in the informal trade is seeing a growing focus on service offerings

Thato Tshabalala, Business Develop Manager, Joe Public

09h40 – 10h05

Ecommerce – a rising force in the townships

  • How active, by category, by users and the trend
  • Mobile payments; appraisal of the current offerings; cash is still king with the spazas but for how long
  • Delivery services – innovative opportunities

Kenneth Kayser, Head – Mobile, Ecommerce and Opening Bank (API’s), Nedbank


10h10 – 10h35

The online revolution in South Africa’s untapped township grocery market

  • Building trust in an online-ready but hesitant market; involve the community and conversational commerce
  • Delivering consistent service in an unstructured market.  Developing a supply chain that works in such a dynamic environment
  • Building a gateway for brands into townships; customising positioning and pricing for a large number of nodes.
  • Yebo Fresh, a high growth case study

Jessica Boonstra, CEO and Founder, Yebo Fresh


10h40 closes

TOWNSHIP MEDIA MIX - Wed, 12 May ‘21

08h00 – 08h10


Terry Murphy, Publisher, Marketing Mix


08h10 – 08h40

Getting the media mix right – effective consumer pull strategies and in the world of reducing budgets

Social media; radio; outdoor; experiential; newspapers (broadsheets/insert promos still very influential)

  • Community Radio and Community Newspapers overview Nationally
  • Community Radio, Social Media in Townships, How do you reach your consumer
  • Effective consumer pull strategies and Outdoor/experiential initiatives to keep your brands on top of mind with the township consumer – Case study
  • Streamline your budgets but keep your brands alive – Case study; Parmalat Golden Slice 2020

Nancy “Madikizela” Austin, Creative Research/ Media Liaison & Consumer Insights Specialist, Minanawe Marketing


08h45 -09h15

Conversational Marketing: Innovative Use Cases for WhatsApp Business

  • Practical tips and tricks
  • To optimise the most popular channel of conversation with your South African shopper
  • Award winning Case studies

Candy Goodman, MD, Mobitainment


09h20 – 09h50

How to find and manage black influencers that enhance your brand

  • Social media reach and influence
  • Community micro-influencers

Esona Ndongeni, Head of Campaign Manager, R-Squared


09h55 – 10h20

Activation marketing in the townships

Activation and marketing in the townships

  • In the Beginning was Brand Activations! – a brief exposition of the craft and how it used to be done pre-Covid
  • Pivoting from the old to the new different” normal – navigating the Covid -19 landscape
  • Same brand-love message but using different methods – The new public engagements…

(1)    One on one engagements

(2)    Agent model approach

  • Agility, Flexibility, Adaptability – Upscaling and Downscaling (Upsizing -Downsizing) depending on location and activation type
  • Know iKasi markets and their current needs – Avoiding the pitfalls of Presumptions and Assumptions
  • Speak iKasi – understanding the different local and regional nuances and languages

Michelle Combrink, MD, ZINTO & Duke Maseko, Marketing Executive, ZINTO

10h30 closes


08h00 – 08h10


Terry Murphy, Publisher, Marketing Mix

08h10 -08h40

Lifestyle, food and beauty trends transforming township wellness

  • Emerging wellness trends unfolding within informal retail are influenced as much by consumer needs as they are by disposable income
  • Food trends in the township environment go hand-in-hand with lifestyle changes, influenced by macro-environmental factors, with convenience being a key theme
  • Beauty trends in the informal trade is seeing a growing focus on service offerings

Thobeka Magubane, Junior Analyst, Trade Intelligence

Andrea du Plessis, Senior Retail Analyst, Trade Intelligence

08h45 – 09h15

Using influence to build and enhance your brand 

  • The wellness trends influencing food, lifestyle and inner beauty communities
  • Who influences brand choice and how to influence them
  • The importance of insights in influence
  • The power of combining online and offline influence
  • Tapping into behavioural economics to drive brand conversion

Ryan McFadyen, co-Founder, HaveYouHeard

09h20 – 09h50

Navigating the world of beauty with Generation Next (X); Insights on how to stay relevant in the changing eco-system of beauty

  • The emerging worlds of Beauty post COVID-19
  • How social media has transformed the beauty industry
  • E-commerce and tech, where the future of beauty lies

Yasmin Kathoria, Business Humanizer & Partner, Innate Motion


09h55 – 10h25

Fostering customer loyalty through great experiences

  • Understanding the connection between customer experience and loyalty
  • Challenging the notion that consumers are primarily motivated by price
  • How brands can consistently deliver great customer experience

Julia Ahlfeldt, Certified Customer Experience Professional


10h30 closes

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