12th Township Marketing Summit 2020,17&18Mar20

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How to access rising black discretionary spend

Township Marketing Summit 2020

Bryanston Country Club, Jhb, Tues 17 & Wed 18 Mar 2020


• A quarter of South Africa’s population live in the 76 largest townships
• Diepsloot is home to more than 200 000 people  >R2-billion spending power
• Township consumers responsible for 41% of consumer spending

Now in its 12th year, the definitive annual briefing.  Discretionary spend is much higher than official figures state because between 3 and 4 million people are undeclared informal contractors, and they have a lot of disposable cash.  Very interesting is the rise and rise of entrepreneurs often supported by enlightened corporates.  The rapidly increasing number of sophisticated township malls is witness to increasing spend, and yet the convenience of roughly 200,000 spazas is still a potent force, but for how long.  Seven major research studies will be announced, and most importantly will be the derived insights. The rising black middle class is a potent force, although they may not live in the townships much of their social life is in the townships and they contribute a lot of black tax.

Astute proven township marketers talk pragmatic sense and share experiences!

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DAY 1: Tues 17 Mar 2020

08h05 – 08h25

Welcome by Terry Murphy, Publisher, Marketing Mix

Introduction to Slide-Note

Professional Designations and CPD in the Marketing Industry by Enrico du Plessis, Chairperson, Professional Designation Board, MASA


08h30 – 09h10

Entrepreneurs (re)shaping the economically vibrant and fast changing township economy

A broad overview of South Africa’s township economy drawing on research from our publication Township Economy: People, Spaces and Practices in the Making of Informal Businesses (Charman, Petersen and Govender). Demonstrating how entrepreneurs have responded to business opportunities and provide insights into some of their strategies these informal businesses utilize to create niche markets and provide products/services that are convenient, affordable and culturally appropriate.  Sketching some of the main business trends which currently shape markets and, as part of this overview, highlight some of the obstacles hindering more rapid growth.

Andrew Charman, MD, Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation


09h15 – 09h50

Malls – adapting to changing lifestyles and discretionary spend pressures

Pearl Sekgobela, Marketing Manager, Matlosana Mall


09h55 – 10h30

COUNTER CULTURE; gaining competitive advantage through predicting what will become the norm tomorrow

* Local is lekker; the rise of independent retailers in township malls, who know first what their local communities are thinking about in terms of food, clothing and


* And ‘Local is lekker’ word of mouth really pays

* Mall of Tembisa; launch planning and execution

Matthew McCormick, Head: Marketing, Exemplar


10h30 – 10h50 Coffee & Networking

10h50 – 11h25

Building a digital place based network in malls in the informal market

*  Landscape of  8 malls in SA

*  Current state of the mall business in SA

*  The challenge

*  Discuss our strategy sweet spot

*  EMM methodology screen placement science

*  Network capabilities – smart network

*  Audience & insights

*  Benefits of advertising in a mall

John Faia, Director, Provantage Mall Ad


11h30 – 12h10

Research insights – what are township residents cutting back on; the brand offerings which appeal; where do they shop for what

Now-now research insights led by the very experience Gill Mkhasibe, and then she will ask the Secretary General of the Somali Community Board of SA  to comment


12h15 – 12h50

“BLACK TAX  – 2019 perspective and predictions 2020+

This study unpacks the dynamics of Black Tax by looking at both sides of the spectrum those that “pay” and those who “benefit”.

The insights include:

*  Updating our understanding of what “Black Tax” is, as per the voice of the people.

*  What does Black Tax look like in 2019 and how it is looking to change going into 2020 and beyond, if at all?

*  Digging below the surface into the sentiments around “Black Tax”?

*  Detailing the opportunities for the brand communications, retail and banking sectors to play a resonant role in this space.

Thato Tshabalala, Business Development Manager, Joe Public Consumer Insights Division


12h50 – 13h40 Lunch

13h40 – 14h15

Mobile Tech Tools to touch the hearts of Township Shoppers

*  A showcase of the tools and tactics you, as a marketer, can use in South Africa today to engage with your Township Shopper on their mobile phone.

*  We address the data cost issue, how to use WhatsApp effectively, how to personalise your videos, or make them interactive, and create a new fun way to build a database

of consumers and get them buying your product.

Candy Goodman, MD, Mobitainment


14h20 – 15h00

 Kasi Shoppers: Revolution or Evolution

*  From dirt street to high street, hybrid shoppers across the retail ecosystem

*  Incomes & budgets – how families earn and budget within kasi households

*  Shopping lists and shopper decision makers

GG Alcock, Informal Sector Strategist & Author of Kasinomics & Kasinomic Revolution


15h05 – 15h40

Staying relevant to the sceptical youth market during very tough times

The Youth Report published in association with UCT, is one of the biggest youth reports ever done, and paints a momentarily bleak yet hopeful picture of the youth landscape.  It’s a much needed reality check for business and shopper marketing as it poses the question: what are we to do in tough economic times to stay relevant to a youth market that is learning to smart cut traditional marketing campaigns and thinking. We explore the economics briefly, look at what’s changed for youth living in SA today and then give some advice as what we can do to inspire a generation that will need a lot more participation and collaboration from the private sector if they are to become sustainable consumers.

Dali Tembo, MD, Instant Grass


16h00 conference closes



DAY 2 – Wed 18 Mar 2020

08h30 – 08h50

Township Research 2021+ Kantar & Marketing Mix

Terry Murphy, Publisher, Marketing Mix & Jack Hlongwane, Business Development Manager, Kantar


08h55 – 09h30

Driving growth through astute test marketing in carefully selected townships

Kabelo Ncholo, CEO, YOURSELF Management


09h35 – 10h10

Township food shopping and retail competition: a case of encroachment, survival and unreachable niches

Drawing on research from a case study undertaken in Philippi, Cape Town. Presenting the range of businesses, large and small, which competing in the sale of fresh and cooked food and speak their competitive advantages; wholesalers, supermarkets, spaza shops, take-away businesses and street traders.  Small businesses and street traders have survived competition from the formal retail often creating niche markets, eg. one strategy to bridge the divide between large and small has been the use of month-end shopping hampers. And sketches of a few ideas & strategies through which large and small businesses could be better integrated in ways that could generate benefits to both.

Andrew Charman, MD, Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation


10h10 – 10h30 Coffee & Networking

10h30 – 11h10

Announcing The Kasi-Top-End Market Foshizi Research

How do you get to know them? We have gone into their homes to talk and to engage them on your behalf.

Why? Because breakthrough communications is dependent on pushing the right “emotional buttons”.

Why? This is a newly emerged target market that shares some but not all of the attributes that have been ascribed to township dwellers.

First to know – gives you competitive advantage!

1. What it means to be Kasi top end

2. Key Lifestyle Insights

3. Shopper insights

4. What influences their brand choice

5. Does Brand heritage still play a role

6. New products and brands appeal

7. Fading and emerging brands

8. Mediums for reaching them

Lebo Motshegoa, MD, Foshizi


11h15 – 11h50

Bulk grocery buying stokvels. What brands do they prefer and why? Findings of research conducted on the stokvel market

Ninky Shuenyane (MA), Director, Stokvel DNA Pty Ltd


11h55 – 12h35

KUSHUBILE; surviving on R5,000 pm or less household income. Unique insights from the people themselves, about their lifestyles, aspirations and shopping decisions

Jack Hlongwane, Business Development Manager, Kantar


12h35 – 13h30 Lunch

13h30 – 14h05

Township influencers; Yes! the right celebrities do attract the numbers; Yes! the right community influencers are trusted 

*  What do SA Township residents want from influencer/brand relationships?

*  How do you find Township influencers that fit your brand?”

*  How does one impact the path-to-purchase and sales cycle?

*  How do you get customers to take action?

*  How do you build authentic, credible and believable partnerships with influencers from the hood?

Jason Kubheka, Social Media Manager, VMLY&R South Africa


14h10 – 14h45


Our mission is to give our clients access to the informal market through innovative delivery systems that minimise risk and create new entry points into the mass market regardless of the topography or congestion.

Ruggero Bonomi, 5M2T


14h50 – 15h30

Gearing up for consumer loyalty in the Kasi space

Focus will be placed on the ever-changing consumer loyalty landscape. By understanding the distinct lifestyles and profiles of consumers, marketers can gain a more granular understanding of the nuances that lead to brand loyalty.

Mariëtte Croukamp, Industry Lead: ICT & Public Sector, Ask Afrika (Pty) Ltd


15h45 conference closes

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Bryanston Country Club, Sandton

Date and Time

Tues 17th & Wed 18th Mar 2020