Know mire about : Scott Gray

Another ginger, McGyver-loving, sports fan, Scott Gray will always be 6 and a half years old in his own mind – probably because the TV shows were just so much cooler back then.

After school, Scott headed over to UCT to get his B.Com in Information Systems – he chose this over Nuclear Physics, simply because he figured it would be a bit easier.

Scott spent 4 and a half years at BMW South Africa, fulfilling the role of Interactive Marketing Managerwhere he managed all Internet marketing projects including new car launch campaigns, developing BMW’s social media strategy and creating a BMW owner’s CRM programme, but now he’s back. We say back because Scott actually joined Quirk in 2002 for near on 3 years as the resident Frisbee Evangelist (we think that means he did a lot of just about everything). He obviously missed us and we’re thrilled he’s back.

Like all the QuirkStars, he simply can’t live without Google and chose the online life because connecting to information beyond his own computer gave him access to stuff way cooler than the crappy games he had on his PC at the time. When he’s not planning on how to rid the country of all coins below the 50c increment, he’s honing his frisbee and fly-fishing skills.

Apart from his years of experience, Scott believes that he brings something extra to the Quirk dynamic - an accurate medium pace bowler and decent lower order batsman (these Quirk boys and their cricket!).

This laid back ginger says he is defined by his wife, his music, his photos, fishing stuff and his frisbees (we think he may be a tad obsessive when it comes to frisbees – but we’re not the judgey type). You can find out more about Scott by visiting his blogs - and or by following him on Twitter.

 “Righty tighty, left loosey” ~ Unknown