The compelling benefits for professional marketers include;

Proven speakers who know how to communicate the strategic thinking and practices they have consistently successfully applied.

Q&A is business intelligence as the questions indicate the areas of prime interest and the answers are authoritative and pragmatic.

Communicate with the speakers, they will respond directly.





Full series as below (3) – delegate rate R5,000 excl vat

single webinar – delegate rate R2,000 excl vat – click to register your choice below

UPPER LSMs – Wed, 8 Sept

Upper income LSMs represent a growing and very substantial spend, about half live in the townships and the other half in suburbia.  Typically, our township webinars have focussed on the lower LSMs because that’s the majority of people but not the majority of spend.   The 9 speakers we have selected are all proven marketing veterans and collectively will give you a wide range of insights and best practice experiences, and suggest marketing opportunities. - click to register


ENGAGING GEN Z – Wed 15 Sept

It’s a big discerning crowd, around 27.5 million young people and interestingly 1.7 million are credit active.  The trick is to talk to them in their language and about what interests them, and our 7 speakers will advise and demonstrate with case study examples.  Sounds straight forward, there is so much to interpret to get it right, and that’s what you’ll learn from this briefing. – click to register



We have asked a number of very respected and well-informed strategic marketers to highlight their visions about marketing gaps and innovations to give you competitive advantage 2022.  Focussing on selected target markets, understanding the products and services that they want, in the way they want them and communicating in the language that will engage them.   This briefing promises to materially enhance your strategic thinking.  And we’ll highlight some interesting partnership opportunities for national brands, these days customisation is critical. - click to register


 Enquiries:  Sharon Angus-Leppan | sharon@marketingmixconferences.co.za | 072 540 6780

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