Speaker & Sponsorship opportunities

The conference schedule is firm and we are preparing consultative briefs for interested speakers and sponsors to enable them to prepare topic proposals.  The topics listed on the consultative briefs are intended to stimulate speaker dialogue and we seek topic proposals very relevant to hopefully the post COVID-19 world.  There will be a mix of conferences and webinars.

The compelling benefits for professional marketers include;

  • proven speakers because they know how to communicate the strategic thinking and practices they have consistently successfully applied
  • live updates; delegates can download the presentations from the Slide-Note service into their mobile device, allowing them to add notes on the slides as the speaker presents as well as useful comments from delegates, and they can email innovative ideas and best practice examples, to their colleague/s
  • networking; meet and influence marketers who by their very presence are demonstrating their interest in innovative and breakthrough solutions

Enquiries:  Terry Murphy | terry@marketingmixconferences.co.za | 021-790 8147 or 083 326 2450

Shopper Insights – Wed Feb 24

Latest research data post the COVID-19 peaking period presented by reputable and informed strategists whose insights are always so astute.  Covering lifestyle and spending priorities and patterns.

2021 Social Media SA Briefing 2021 – Arthur Goldstuck - Wed 10 Mar

Major and rising platforms, data trends and the impacts of COVID-19.  Led by Arthur Goldstuck, this will be the 6th year of the definitive briefing for professional social media marketers.  Important sources include TGI with now now data and the 2021 SA Social Media Content Survey endorsed by the IAB SA.

Lifestyle radically impacted by COVID-19, SA’s most respected lifestyle strategist will present latest trends and shifts, and impacts upon social media preferences.

AND we must talk about Tik Tok and WhatsApp, and we can conclude with Arthur’s analysis of the current major announcements.

Township Marketing Summit 2021Wed 24 & Thurs 25 Mar

Now in its 13th year, a unique group of very authoritative township marketers will brief brands about how to engage target segments, the offers that will work and the communication language that engages.  All of this relating to lifestyle and spend priorities.  And networking with the cream of township professional marketers.

Digital Medical Marketing Master Class -  Wed 21 Apr

Targeting professional medical marketers keen to appreciate how digital tech can complement and integrate with traditional marketing.  Check what the 76 delegates who learned so much from our 9 speakers during the webinar on 24 Mar 2020.  It’s fast track to market digital integration driving engagement with medical executives through directly relating to their interests and issues.  Lots of case studies highlighting the latest best practices.

B2B Digital Marketing Master Class - Wed 26 Apr

Now it’s B2B time to focus on the digitally inspired transformation journey.  Of course, it’s complex but the components do fit, be it AI, data management, content management, leads generation, SEO and virtual networking and done right, very cost-effective engagement.


last updated 21/4/20