2019 Conference Schedule


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Standard delegate rates: half day R3,750 excl vat | 1-day R5,500 excl vat | 2-days R9,500 excl vat


program is liveGaming for SA Marketers – briefing


What layer of gaming should you tap into relating to the profiles of the players and your target markets. How do you join in, that’s what you’ll learn from the speakers who will demonstrate how brands are utilising gamification to add value and fun.  And, even some brands who are devising their own games. Games provide a platform for event sponsorship.  The figures are awesome and it’s all age groups.  Meet our gaming gurus and you’ll enjoy the experiences enormously.

Bryanston Country Club, Sandton - Jhb, Wed 5 June  2019


program is live - Social Media Content SA Briefing SA  – annual briefing; new IAB and Marketing Mix initiative

  • The study relates to paid social media communications via networks, blogs, posts, messaging, and speech and chat interfaces, email.  The study will assess the interest in social media content related tools and search engine optimization and AI.
  • Hype will be replaced by statistically valid analytics and very astute insights so allowing professional marketers to focus on what really is likely to work most cost-effectively for them
  • The keynotes and panel debates will evolve around the key findings facilitating social content strategy marketing 2019.

Bryanston Country Club, Sandton – Wed 26 June 2019


program is live - Harnessing the Power of SA Influencers

Celebrity and micro influencers can be awesomely influential, breaking through the clutter and achieving high engagement.  The challenge is managing the good news and avoiding the bad news. That’s what this briefing is all about.  And our gurus are very experienced as well as being very innovative.

Bryanston Country Club, Sandton – Thurs 10 October 2019


program is liveDigital-In-Law SA Briefing – IAB Guidelines to protect brands and consumers

  • Privacy; IAB latest guidelines interview with the Regulator and the impact of the latest GDPR regulations
  • Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Bill update and IAB recommended best practices
  • Social Media – Advertising Code of Practice; announcing the final Social Media Code affecting all paid social media communications
  • Fake News; the regulatory and legal issues in SA and recommended preventative guidelines
  • Protecting Intellectual copyright; latest best practices from the EU and how it will impact SA

Bryanston Country Club, Sandton - Jhb, Fri 28 June 2019


Townships – Western Cape -  evolution to metropolitan areas

Cpt, Aug 2019


Beauty SA Merchandising Workshop

Based on the latest Shop!  personal care/beauty/cosmetics special interest report.  Presented by Leo van de Polder, Global Development Director, Shop! complemented by SA marketers customizing the info for SA and at least three state of the art keynote presentations.

Bryanston Country Club, Sandton – Wed 7 Aug


Social Media Landscape Briefing 2020 – 8th annual conference – insights & data

Arthur Goldstuck presents the annual Social Media Landscape Research Report findings about the key platforms and adds great value to his insights; universally agreed to be the most influential social media briefings of the year.  Panel debates and keynotes will highlight key opportunity areas and critical decisions to arrive at the optimum digital marketing plan for 2020.

Bryanston Country Club, Sandton – 25 Sept 2019

SSISA, Newlands, Cpt – 27 Sept 2019


Shopper Insights SA 2019 – 6th annual conference

Personally selected marketers who demonstrate astute interpretations of insight and opportunities from current research. A showcase of SA’s impressive marketing strategists, always very highly rated by the delegates in terms of influencing next year’s marketing.

Bryanston Country Club, Sandton – 6 & 7 Nov 2019


B2B Marketing SA – Digital Transformation

Jhb, 27 Feb 2020


 Standard delegate rates:  half day R3,750 excl vat | 1-day R5,500 excl vat | 2-days R9,500 excl vat

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