2019/2020 Conference Schedule


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 The insights you will gain

  • Best SA experiences – CMO Guide
  • Content creation has to be credible, believable and personalised
  • Managing influencers from beginning to end
  • You do something nice for me and I feel obliged to do something nice for you
  • Managing celebrity influencers – is very demanding
  • Micro-influencers; this is where a lot of the action is
  • Building trust – independent data and self-service tools
  • What customers want from influencer/brand relationships
  • A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising
  • Black Twitter as a destination for brand advocacy

Bryanston Country Club, Sandton – Thurs 10 October 2019


Township Shopper Marketing Summit 2020, Bryanston Country Club – Tues 17 & Wed 18 Mar 2020

Now in its 12th year; the definitive briefing of the year for township marketers.

Some of the insights you will gain;

Research announcements

• Unique and authoritative analysis of township entrepreneurs, a rising force,

high disposable income

• High LSM’ers – the numbers, where they spend on what, lifestyle influences

• Top 10 townships – where to focus

• Township food shopping – retail competitive analysis – emergence of niche markets


• Abdi Osman, Secretary General, Somali Community Board of SA answers some very potent and topical


• CEO of a major wholesaler talks about how brands can effectively influence spazas

Generation Z … staying relevant to sceptical youth

And 17 proven township marketers talk pragmatic sense and experiences


Forecourt Retail Marketing, Bryanston Country Club – Fri, 20 Mar 2020

“Best Practices” means highlighting smart ways to increase dwell time, to attract motorist shoppers, and to continuously assess your product mix and the attractions and services customers want.  And now we have the digital transformation, useful analytics and most importantly localised and personalised communications.  And creative experiential does create great impressions. Our 5th Forecourt conference.


Transforming Medical Communications – Digital Marketing Master Class, Bryanston Country Club, Tues 24 Mar 2020

Briefing professional marketing management of companies marketing to the medical private sector, doctors and specialists, about how to optimise digital media to reach and engage.  Time pressure on doctors is materially reducing the effectiveness of traditional communication methodologies.  This master class will feature expert communicators who are using digital media in a variety of innovative ways and they will demo their best practice experiences.


2020 Liquor Brand Marketing, Bryanston Country Club – Turs 2 Apr 2020 

Targetting SA professional liquor brand marketers continuously evaluating, radical lifestyle changes, differentiating offerings, brand positioning, the media and creative mix.  Speakers will be addressing the issue of positioning and associating brand image with proactive target influences.  You will learn from 10 very experienced and proven professional liquor marketers.  Interpreting lifestyle signals – astute insights; smart practices.  Changing tastes are driving changing liquor preferences, consumers want excitement and fun and that’s what liquor communications should be all about, and the power of digital allows for engagement.


2020 SA Social Content BriefingBryanston Country Club, Thurs 18 June 2020

Announcing the results of the UNIQUE 2020 SA Social Content Annual Survey endorsed by the IAB, now int its 2nd year.  The survey will relate to paid social media communications via platforms, networks, messaging and speech and chat interfaces, and will assess interest in social media content related tools, search engine optimisation and AI.  Speakers will interpret specific sections of the survey and recommend innovative solutions to reach and engage.


Shopper Indaba, Jhb, June 2020


Influencer Marketing, Jhb, Sept 2020


Social Media SA Briefings, Jhb 16 & Cpt 18 Sept, 2020


2021 Liquor Brand Marketing, Jhb, Oct 2020


Shopper Insights, Jhb, Nov, 2020


 Standard delegate rates:  1-day R5,500 excl vat | 2-days R9,500 excl vat

Enquiries:  Sharon Angus-Leppan | sharon@marketingmixconferences.co.za | 021-7908147